More than a peep from Melbourne three-piece ahead of GC show

It’s been an incredible journey over a short period of time for Melbourne trio The Peep Tempel. I mean, you know you’ve made it big when you score a gig on the Gold Coast, right? But before they land here this weekend, there’s no doubt they’ve done the hard yards.

From the gnarly confines of West Melbourne where their 2014 album Tales was conceived and recorded, they earned a spot on the AMP Prize shortlist as well as triple j acknowledgement for their off-kilter love song Carol. Just last month they supported Mariachi El Bronx who toured Australia for Bluesfest, and they’ve built quite the reputation for their live show.

But now they’re unleashing a national tour of pub shows, with GC’s Shark Bar thrown in the mix. They say these pubs are ‘the ideal locale to propertly digest The Peep Tempel’s dark humour.

We were lucky enough to hang five with Stewart Rayner (bass) ahead of this weekend’s show.

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Tell me how you met and what inspired you to start making music together?

I met Blake many years ago when he was working behind a bar in North Melbourne and we kind of lost touch for a couple of years. One day I get a phone call from him telling me he’s just recorded an album with his buddy Steve and needed a bass player. They sent me over a copy of what was to be the first self-titled album and I loved it! Went in for a jam and three of us clicked really and then a week later I was doing my first show with them.


Have you played the Gold Coast before?

Unfortunately we haven’t had the opportunity to come up and play the Gold Coast before but we’re pretty stoked to be heading your way. We’ve heard you guys like to party, which is the perfect setting for a Peep Tempel show.


What’s the weirdest thing that’s ever happened to you at a gig?

This didn’t actually happen to me but at a show we played in Berlin I saw a guy lick the sweat off Blake’s arm while he was playing and that image is burnt into my memory.


What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a band / musician?

Not to take gigs or people for granted and to make the most out of every opportunity that presents itself. Oh yeah, and practice of course.


What’s the one question you were hoping I’d ask you?

Would you like some cash?


Tell me what people can expect at your Gold Coast show?

A high energy kick arse sweaty good time!


Listen to Peep Tempel’s heartstarter, Gettin on By here:

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Peep Tempel’s Gettin’ on By tour hits Miami Tavern Shark Bar on Friday 15 May and The Brightside Brisbane on Saturday 16 May.


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