Morning Harvey

It’s been two years since their debut release, but now Morning Harvey are back with sophomore EP, loveandlove&. During their launch tour, Liz Ansley spoke to frontman Spencer White about new directions, what’s to come, and what it’s like to be so deeply entrenched in the Brisbane music scene.

You guys are in the middle of your EP tour right now, but you’re all so busy all the time – you’re in bands outside of Morning Harvey, how do you find that affects your dynamic?

Look, it gets a bit nutty sometimes, a bit disorienting. Many of us have the same booking agents so we’re all sorted in that department. We could be working at it harder but I guess that goes against the whole thing of “musicians are generally completely lazy” (laughs).

Do you find that you get different things out of being in different bands?

Yeah. Last year when we formed Orphans Orphans, it was a whole new environment for me, having more of a collaborative writing process. It definitely made me come out of my shell a little more. I guess it’s pretty much the same for the others – playing in different bands, you learn a lot more and you get better at what you do faster.

As far as I can tell from loveandlove&, it’s definitely paying off. Can you tell me about the creative process behind it?

Thanks! Generally I’d bring a song to the group, and then we’d work on it from there. I’ve never been very well-across recording myself, I’ve relied on Lewis, but I took the time in the last six months to learn it. The whole EP – those songs are quite old, I’ve been sitting on them since 2013. I really wanted to wait for the right time to release it, for the right structures to be in place. If those things aren’t there it can be quite crippling. But it’s great when it’s all done properly and people are backing it.

Did recording loveandlove& feel different to recording your first EP, Well For Wishes?

Oh totally. I look back at that now and think it was a very teen-angst piece of work. I’m still proud of it, but I’m just like, “If I had my time again, I don’t know if I’d release that”. I can’t really listen to it anymore – none of the songs are in our set. I guess that getting that out of my system was a good thing in some ways, because it opened my mind up a lot.

What inspired the direction you’re moving in now with this EP?

I really just wanted to move away from the sluggishness and droney tones of what we’d done before. When you play a show and people are kind of just standing there – that can work, but I really wanted to see people moving and vibing on the music, rather than just standing still nodding their heads. So I think the direction changed because of that feeling.

What have you got coming up for the rest of the year?

In August we’ve got a couple of shows – some interstate – and another gig in September. After this tour’s done, I’m generally just going to be focusing on recording our next release – it’s pretty much all I’ve been doing since we finished recording the EP! Trying to get the time between releases a little shorter this time. I’m really excited to get the new tracks out there.

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Keep an eye out for Morning Harvey gigs and in the meantime their brand new EP loveandlove& is awaiting your discovery.

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