Help get Mo’s Desert Clubhouse across the line

Mo's Desert Clubhouse

Regular readers would know of the challenges Mo’s Desert Clubhouse has had over the last six months.

Mo’s began as a dream hatched in the desert, with three like-minded amigos deciding to bring together creatives on the Gold Coast in a unique industrial space. Mo’s Desert Clubhouse has expanded the local cultural experience, and provided safe-haven for creatives to collaborate.

A few months ago, Mo’s Desert Clubhouse owners started the process of seeking approval for their venture. They’ve lodged an Impact DA with City of Gold Coast and a public consultation period is taking place right now. This period is a critical time in any development application across the city. It gives people the opportunity to express their support or opposition to new developments or the change of use of existing developments that might impact the community.

In a nutshell, Mo’s needs your voice. They’re faced with some opposition from people who do not want to see Mo’s creative work continue.

“We know who we are fighting against, and we know that we need  a couple of hundred letters FOR Mo’s in this process,” said Mo’s Desert Clubhouse co-founder Kimberley Ferguson. “It’s a three-week [consultation] period and we need to make as much noise as we can within the local creative scene as possible in this time frame.”

It’s interesting timing for the development application, because a new Music Action Plan endorsed by Council specifically mentions the establishment and support of creative hubs on the Gold Coast, and in my humble opinion, the industrial precinct of Burleigh is a pretty innocuous location for one such hub.

“We have invested close to $60,000 on this application and a year of our lives in a very emotional and stressful decision of what to do,” Kim said. “We decided to fight for it, against many supporters’ advice!  Purely because we believe that the creative industry NEEDS spaces like Mo’s on the Gold Coast.”

There are two possible scenarios to how this development application plays out: Mo’s Desert Clubhouse gets approved and continues to thrive in Burleigh as a dedicated creative arts community hub that supports original artists, musicians and creative industry. Or, Mo’s gets denied, they close their doors and the space becomes a storage shed for the next industrial businesses to move into. Mo’s dies.  The end.

But the good news is, that you can help. Mo’s needs as many submissions during the consultation period as possible. The consultation period closes 18 December.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Go to the Development Applicationscurrently open for consultation.
  2. Click throughto Lot 6 BUP102723, UNIT 6, 36-38 Central Drive, BURLEIGH HEADS QLD 4220
  3. Hit the ‘have your say’ button and then click support and add your comments. (Check this cheat sheetfor some information about how Mo’s fits with the City Plan, you need to be able to refer to this on top of just stating how awesome you think Mo’s is)

That’s it. Pretty straight forward really. Your future gig-going self with thank you for it.


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