Death row for desert clubhouse: Mo’s needs your help

Gigs at Mo's Desert Clubhouse, Gold Coast

Mo’s began as a dream hatched in the desert, with three like-minded amigos deciding to bring together creatives on the Gold Coast in a unique industrial space. Mo’s Desert Clubhouse has expanded the local cultural experience, and provided safe-haven for creatives to collaborate.

We all know that setting up a space like this is hard – and I’m not even talking about the countless hours of toil that goes into physically getting things ship-shape. Licensing, zoning and Council processes mean doing things by the book costs a lot of money.

So, Mo’s needs your help. And all you have to do is show up to a party this weekend.

They’re throwing a massive soiree to bring together their biggest supporters and lay down some killer tunes in the process. The lineup is insane. Cheap Fakes join Hobo Magic, Hemingway, Drop Legs, Voiid, Elegant Shiva, Wharves, Hell and Whiskey, Crum, Boing Boing Band, Stoker-aus, Tokyo Beef, Handful of Helmet and Hybrid Band. There’s also a secret DJ headliner.

And tickets are just $25.

“We request your help in raising much-needed funds for the survival of our much-loved space,” Mo’s owners said recently. “There’ll be games, prizes, hot tub action, skating and more.”

There is very limited capacity for this party to end all parties, and hopefully the outcome is a long and fruitful life for Mo’s Desert Clubhouse and all who reside within its walls.

Get details and link to tickets for Desert Death Row this weekend.


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