Book review: MOVE with Billy Slater | Billy Slater and Michael Chapman

In the wake of festive season overindulging and full of New Year’s fitness resolutions, ‘MOVE with Billy Slater’ caught my eye.  It is a training book by three-time ‘Australia’s Greatest Athlete’ Billy Slater with the promise of no equipment required and 32 family workouts.  A quick flick through confirmed there would be no gym visits, no need for fancy equipment, and it looked challenging enough to keep me interested for eight weeks.

Billy Slater has teamed up with fitness experts to create the MOVE program in a training book to help everyday Aussies improve their overall health and get moving.  The workouts are designed for anyone of any fitness level and are capable of fitting in with your life whether you are travelling, at home, in a hotel room, your backyard or park and can also be done anywhere, with no equipment.  All you need is you, the book, a small amount of space and a minimum of ten minutes, four times a week.  The kids are even encouraged to get involved.  Winning.

The book includes fitness, nutrition and motivational tips, pictures of each exercise and is broken down into eight blocks.  Each block represents one week and contains four workouts that target specific core muscle groups.  You choose the workout intensity and length: a 10-minute burst, a 20-minute or full half an hour session, it’s up to you.  The exercises progress over the weeks to keep you interested, too.

As promised, ‘MOVE’ certainly got me out of my sporadic end-of-year exercise rut and moving regularly again.  As a result I am feeling more energetic, strong and flexible.  The exercises are certainly achievable and challenging enough to feel that post-exercise soreness.  One thing I kept thinking while exercising was ‘I just wish I had an app for this rather than having to reference a book’.  Normally I love a physical book when reading, but when exercising, I found the book a bit cumbersome.   Most definitely worth the read though and experimentation with the program.  Go on, get MOVEing, you know you want to.

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