Movement that Feels Good: Unlocking the Nia Secret

Staying young, feeling great, keeping fit and developing confidence – Nia may just be the Gold Coast’s best kept fitness secret!

Nia’s love your body mindset provides the opportunity to constantly reinvigorate your relationship with body, mind and spirit. Its lifeblood is joy and its invitation is to be yourself.

Nia providesa new way of exercising that offers an alternative to the yang style weight loss and boot camp fitness regimes that are ever present here on the Gold Coast. Instead Nia is about honouring the body you are in and moving with pleasure.

A key element that Nia brings, where other fitness practices may fall short, is awareness. It says that your body has an innate wisdom and when you are aware of what you feel, want and sense you are able to create a workout that aligns with your body’s current fitness needs and desires, whatever they may be.

Every class leaves me feeling centred, calm and more connected to who I am. It’s as if all the worries, stresses and tension in my life are dialled down and I am able to think and feel more clearly. My body gets to move, sweat, tone, stretch, breathe, express and have FUN. This is one of my favourite things, I never knew that I could work out and have fun at the same time until I experienced Nia.

If you are at the point now where you are fascinated about what Nia is, but are still a little confused as to the ‘how’, then this might help to clarify. Yes Nia is a practice that lifts the spirit, quiets the mind and eases the emotions. It is also a practice that is about moving your body, thus moving your body in alignment with the science of the body’s design is a central focus of any Nia experience.

Nia was the first fusion fitness practice to blend martial arts, dance and relaxation modalities into the one form. It draws inspiration from nine forms in total, including Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Jazz, Modern Dance, Yoga, Feldenkrais and The Alexander Technique.

A general one-hour class experience combines these forms as you are guided through a whole body warm up, then it’s time to get your body moving. A diverse range of music inspires your body to move a little faster, get your heart rate up, condition, tone, strengthen and increase your flexibility. You are then guided through some of Nia’s 52 classic moves as you experience an energised, whole body workout before allowing your body to gently cool down, stretch and relax.

Nia is for everybody. It is for busy working men and women needing to let go of the tensions of the day, for mums who need a bit of time for themselves, for athletes who want to add variety to their training, for mature bodies wanting to build and maintain strength and flexibility, it’s for anybody wanting to experience more joy in their fitness practice, and it is for those who desire a deeper sense of connection, pleasure, strength and awareness. Yes Nia is truly for anybody and everybody!!

If your mind and body are saying ‘YES” to what Nia has to offer, then it must be time to find out what the secret of Nia is all about.

Lisa Silverstone is a Gold Coast Nia teacher and student

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