Movie Masterpieces help you get lost in the music

Sometimes a movie’s soundtrack is so subtle you don’t even notice the work that it’s doing. And sometimes it’s in your face.

Any time a director wants to really tug at your heart strings, they’ll use music to accompany the visuals on-screen.

So expressive, so vital to the meaning of the movie, is it any wonder that concert composers have always been drawn to writing with stopwatch in hand and silent rushes on the screen before them? Net result? Melodies so sublime, and orchestral showpieces so exhilarating, that they define the music of our times.

Let the state’s largest performing arts company, the QSO, draw you into the world of the cinema with music from your favourite movies of all time at a special family-friendly event at The Arts Centre.

Bring the whole family for this school holiday special event, sit back, relax and share the magic of classical music from the big screen.

“We’re thrilled to bring the QSO to the Gold Coast to present a luscious program of great film soundtrack highlights,” Richard Wenn said.  He’s QSO’s Director of Artistic Planning.

“For me whenever I hear the soundtrack from Lawrence of Arabia I’m instantly transported to the desert and huge vistas of Peter O’Toole on his camel, there is a sense of freedom, grandeur and majesty in this music that really summarises the cinematography of David Lean.”

The two-hour event takes place Friday 10 April at The Arts Theatre and ticket prices start at $30.00 for students. Movie Masterpieces is presented by The Arts Centre Gold Coast as well as the Gold Coast Film Festival.

Tickets and more information available here.

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