Mr Mojo Burning

If you haven’t heard of Mojo Burning, then consider this a public service addressing your riff-driven festival desires.

Brisbane’s newest guitar-driven boutique festival Mojo Burning will bring together 27 bands from all over Australia and showcase them across three stages at the New Globe Theatre in Fortitude Valley on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March.

Aiming to help change industry and consumer perceptions of real music, Festival organiser Christian Tryhorn is aiming to bring to audiences music from nationally and internationally touring Aussie bands that are commercially flying under the radar.

Emily Norman spoke to Christian ahead of the two-day event.


What makes Mojo Burning a must-attend festival?

If you dig modern Blues/Roots/Rock and Stoner Rock tunes from touring Australian bands then this is the best showcase in the country at the moment with 27 bands over two days.  We’ve witnessed all the acts in the flesh and are excited to be lining them up over three stages right here in Brisbane.


What are the goals for the future of the festival?

We aim to increase the profile of particularly the Blues Rock/Stoner Rock genres, create awareness and a good time and to grow the Festival slowly each year to a point where we need to start looking for a larger venue in two years.


Have there been any challenges that you have overcome as the organiser in bringing the event together?

There are many steps to putting on a multi-band event such as this one, organisation is the key.  The primary challenge is creating buzz and awareness when such genres are under-represented on mainstream radio/media sites.  We’re spearheading a whole musical/cultural shift with an aim to ‘bring back the riff’ and want to create a heightened platform for the bands we love. They deserve national attention and due to current ‘trends’ are mostly not getting that at present.


What vibe will festival goers receive from attending Mojo Burning?

The inaugural Mojo Burning last year was a deadset blast.  We didn’t expect the vibe to be so high but it was. I think that came down to all the band members getting along, getting amongst the Sailor Jerry backstage and passing that exuberance onto the crowd with solid and engaging performances across the board.  Everyone was buzzing, there were stage invasions and one fat time. The demographic was quite wide as well from 18 – 65 which made it even better and created a real sense of family.

Bands that have been announced in the lineup include: Gay Paris, Redcoats, Mojo Webb, Bonez and many more. Get the lowdown at
Mojo Burning takes place at the New Globe Theatre on Saturday 21 and Sunday 22 March.


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  • Reply February 28, 2015

    Colleen Phillips

    I am so looking forward to this festival. Last year’s Mojo Burning far exceeded my expectations, it was fun from beginning to end.

    Last year’s Mojo introduced me to so many new bands that I had not heard before, and I have to say, my whole perception and appreciation of music has changed. No more cover gigs for me, give me original music any day. Love it.

    Hopefully many more people will come along to the festival this year, it is such a great way to open your mind and ears to new music performed by hard working and talented musicians.

    Well done Mojo Burning.

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