Mt Warning: it’s right there

I have finally climbed to the top of the world.  The world excluding any mountain ranges further than 1000km from where I live.  Until I can shake my fear of freezing to death, Everest and other such peaks can fuck right off.

I’ve lived within the southeast region of Queensland for the majority of my life.  I have known of Mt Warning since age eleven.  I have contemplated the beauty of the climb ever since and like most others, have never so much as even driven close by to have a look.

Today this has all changed.  The climb has been ticked off the list.  My sense of accomplishment … average.  I had no idea how simple it was.  Just over three hours up and back, this including time enough to enjoy a quick picnic at the peak.

“If it’s so easy, why should I do it?” Because it’s right fucking there.  Ready to go.  There’s no charge, no experience required and you can do it whenever you like.  If you’ve ever looked from the balcony of an apartment or office over ten stories high, you are well aware that seeing stuff from a height is awesome.  If you’ve ever dared venturing outside the comforts of your city life and breathed in fresh air from the natural surrounds, you know the experience is worth it. It’s just fucking nice.

No doubt, the notion of standing on top of a mountain and ‘enjoying the view’ doesn’t stimulate adrenalin rushes like most modern day recreations.  When pitching the question to any party of people “what would you like to do?” even mentioning an activity that could be achieved before the turn of the 20th century is likely to be met with awkward, insulted silence.

Next time a group of peers start trading their desire for thrills, from learning to surf through to cave-diving, politely exclaim that you can’t wait to punch a dog in the face.  Absorb the reaction.  At least you didn’t boast your desire to put on shoes, grab a water bottle and go for a leisurely stroll up a shitty mountain.

All said and done, I have not had a more enjoyable day out this year.  Snuggled amongst a small party of mostly friends of friends, the half-day journey was filed straight to the ‘memorable moments’ inner catalogue.  On Monday morning, when post-weekend war stories are being boasted I’ve got a tale with the guaranteed reaction .  Envy.  “I’ve always wanted to do that”.  Really?  If you’re residing within a few hours drive of Mt Warning, you have no excuse.  If you make it to the top and feel ripped off … I’ll go punch a dog.

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