Mudgeeraba scores live music bonanza

Glenn Tozer, Councillor for Division 9 is a live music female viagra online nut. I’m sure politically speaking he’d tell us about the social and economic benefits of live music and a strong cultural scene, but to be honest, we didn’t even ask him about the politics.

He’s taken the lead on developing a whole season of live shows to breathe musical life into an underused park in his electorate. And there’s a few people who are terribly excited about the lineup.

Cr Tozer has managed to secure $15,000 for nine Friday afternoon sessions canadian healthcare pharmacy in Cuddihy Park.

“It’s just a little stage,” he said. “Someone in their wisdom put a stage in the village and I don’t think it’s been used. This is a community asset, let’s use it.”

“What we’re hoping to do is activate this little stage in our village and invite people to come and see the best live music the Gold Coast has to offer.”

In a stroke of genius Glenn has engaged local cultural champion Polly Snowden to manage the project and book order viagra in canada the acts. I asked him where he came across Polly and his answer won’t surprise anyone who knows her.

“We first met at Bluesfest,” he said. “And she impressed me with the amount of sentences she could put the word ‘fuck’ into and then she gave me a big hug. She’s so closely connected to the industry and her job is to deliver a showcase of events and activate our little park.”

I actually posed cananda viagra the same question to Polly. And she exemplified Glenn’s words.

“Glenn? The dude is a fucking champion,” Polly said. “I can’t even believe it. They’re doing so many different things out there – he’s passionate and he’s all about culture and giving the community of Mudgeeraba some options.”

“I couldn’t be more stoked to be involved,” she said. “I wish I lived in Mudgeeraba.”

Cr Tozer’s electorate is the biggest landmass in the City taking in the whole south west: Mudgeeraba buy cialis now online all the way to the border and out to the Scenic Rim and Numinbah, but his target for this summer of Friday events is on the mark.

“If I can get between 60 and 100 people in our little park to listen to the best new music in the city, that’d be a great thing for Mudgeeraba and a great thing for the city,” he told Blank.

The series is being funded by a local area work budget. Glenn told me that each year an allocation is made to projects and normally that includes pathways and playgrounds. “But I allocate a small amount of that money to cultural and community activities,” he said.

Artists for the Summertime Series are currently being booked with solo artists and duos being favoured and a folksy feel being crafted. “We’ve selected the best from Council’s Soundcheck program,” Glenn explained.

I asked Polly what her vision for the series is and she made the point that events like this are incredibly important to Gold Coast’s cultural scene.

“Mudgeeraba is an amazing connected community but they don’t usually get these acts to their town.”

“The Gold Coast is a series of villages and Mudgeeraba is one of those villages. We want to give the people of mudgeeraba a good time, somewhere they can take their kids and listen to tunes under the summer stars,” she said. “I don’t know if many people get out to Mudgeeraba very often either. This is a great chance for others to see what a great community Mudgeeraba is, and to meet the people there.”

The series kicks of on Friday 16 January with Felicity Lawless and then continues every Friday until mid March. Other acts to be included in the series include Julia Rose and CC The Cat (pictured in feature image above), Karl S Williams, Emily Holler, Josh Lovegrove, Hailey Calvert, Hussy Hicks and Matt Rogers and Dave Murray. Check the Blank gig guide for all the details //

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