Mudgeerabarby Skate Festival to feature local three-piece Psychoibis

Psychoibis are three dudes playing whatever they feel like on the day.
Callum, Fil and Ant are Gold Coast men who fill their time skating and playing music. With past experiences in other bands, the trio decided to form an uncomprimised outfit with all their favourite genres: funk/punk/doom/thrash.
Psychoibis reckon they will be a different band every time you see them: with a focus on fresh vibes and raw jams. We hung five ahead of their show at Mudgeerabarby – a festival of skating which celebrates the extension of Mudgeeraba’s skate park.
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Tell us about the best gig you’ve ever played?

We think the best gig we have ever played was a mate’s Halloween house show. It was a sweatbox, loud and we smashed through our songs real quick, but the vibes brought a different energy. We literally didn’t stop for 30 minutes, pedals and cymbals were destroyed. I think from that point on we knew those were the shows we liked best, the ones that had a vibe of their own.


What are your thoughts on the GC music scene?

Its getting better again! The venues are slim and the ones remaining don’t really cater to all genres. I think the music scene could benefit from bringing back the DIY ethic, get together, get some more house shows going. Its great that the skate and music scenes are connected, events like Mudgerabarby bring like-minded people together to spread the good vibes. Bring the jams!


What’s the biggest challenge to up and coming Australian artists?

Definitely a lack of venues; most venues commit themselves exclusively to electronic dance music. It’s cheaper and it brings the masses, it’s almost a risk to fund/support bands these days. Other than that, geographically it’s harder to tour here than say, the US. We are way more spread out and initial scene is not apparent, you really have to search out the gigs. Its great if you are passionate and actively are looking, but to travelers and the casual enthusiast, it can be difficult to find.


What’s the one piece of advice you’d give an aspiring musician?

One piece of advice I would give is to make music you actually like, that gets you off. Don’t worry about music trends, do what you want! There are too many people trying to follow whats “cool” and not whats new and exciting, take it seriously but don’t take yourself too seriously!


The most under-rated musician right now?

Local dudes, Hypnotic Bedrooms are a couple of guys who are doing it right. They’re loud, fuzzy and completely chaotic in the best way possible.

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Psychoibis join Underwood Mayne + Tokyo Beef to provide the jams while others bust out their best skate moves at Mudgeerabarby on Saturday 23 May from 11.00am at Firth Park, Mudgeeraba.
Demos  from Jake Duncombe, Jesse Noonan, Jackson Pilz, Peewee, Mashy, Blake Harris, Pat Dandy, Beacho, Mikey Mendoza and more + free BBQ and giveaways, Grom, Girls and Junior Skate Jams and live bands.


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