Mullum Music Festival adds comedy venue to precinct

Mandy Nolan, Ellen Briggs, Dusty Rich, Rusty Berther, Jonathan Atherton, Matt Ford, Lindsay Webb, Sergio Ben Bullshit, Paul McMahon set to bring the laughs.

This year Mullum Music Festival has added a brand new comedy venue to the festival precinct – the local Council Chambers in fact – where some may say a bit of comedy is well overdue!

They say that laughter is the shortest distance between two people. When it comes to humour it’s all about connection, story, and shared experience, so it only seems fitting that Mullum Music Festival, the place where connection happens, should offer comedy as part of their line up this year. Who else to get things going than the area’s Dalai Lama of Laughter, Mandy Nolan!

For the last 11 years comedian Mandy Nolan has fronted the Opening Night Gala bringing a touch of the unique comedic stylings of her hometown village to the stage to the delight of locals and travellers alike. Around here Mandy-jokes are as much part of the vernacular as any surf speak. Her humour is sharp, honest, sometimes self-depreciating, somewhat outrageous, but never cruel or pretentious. Frequently irreverent it speaks to a diverse audience with no set demographic, no gender, no race or religion, occupation or tribe.

Mandy Nolan (pictured) and her ‘Women Like Us’ touring buddy, fellow Mullumbimby based comedian and rising super star on the circuit, Ellen Briggs bring the flavour of Mullum to the boil with two daily shows at the Byron Council Chambers.

Featured funny people include Trevor Noah’s one time support during his years touring South Africa: Dusty Rich, now an Australian resident. Dusty is one of the most exciting and innovative comedians on the circuit.

There’s Rusty Berther, also performing at Mullum Music Festival with Susannah Espie and their tongue in cheek Family band The Cartridge Family, but this time fronting up for a solo spot.

Jonathan Atherton has just returned from Edinburgh Festival. His material traverses the globe, and is deeply rooted in his love for culture and language.

Lindsay Webb has a reputation for the best ‘crowd worker’ in the biz. Playful and off the cuff, Webb has a natural ability to include the crowd in his comedy, making every show unique.

One of the stars of the Aboriginal Comedy Allstars, Matt Ford won the 2010 Class Clown comp and has been performing stand up ever since. He is a regular at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Brisbane Comedy Festival, Adelaide Fringe.

Father of four, comedian and chef Paul McMahon cooks up a comedy storm with his signature sarcasm and quiet disenchantment and Sergio Ben Bullshit, well he will attempt to indoctrinate you into his cult. No comedy experience is complete without a Descended Master lovingly probing the depths of your soul.

The Comedy Council will be in session on Friday 17 and Saturday 18 November with two daily shows at 2.00pm and 4.00pm.

So for this year’s Mullum Music Festival, find a little time to sit down and have a laugh before you go back to immerse yourself in the incredible music on offer in the halls, clubs, pubs and cafes of everyone’s favourite festival village: Mullumbimby.

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