Music Industry Inside Out: Get Onboard

Music Industry Inside Out is a comprehensive and ever-growing online development resource for musicians and professionals working in all facets of the music business. It was developed by Martine Cotton, who boasts over 25 years’ experience excelling across a variety of music related platforms.

Coming to fruition in 2014, Martine identified a need for a one-stop networking resource that connected emerging and practicing music industry players with the knowledge, skills and insights provided by the best in the biz.

So what exactly does it entail, you may be wondering? Well, picture an ever-expanding video interview library with over 45 hours of content, featuring more than 90 of Australia’s leading music industry figures, all providing invaluable insights and sharing their knowledge on a broad range of topics, from artistry, management and entertainment law through to marketing, touring and everything else in between.

The videos are designed to support and mentor, and feature some of the most knowledgeable and respected Australian music professionals and artists, including BIGSOUND programmer Maggie Collins, Damien Costin of 123 Agency, Chugg Entertainment’s Andrew Stone and award-winning artists Katie Noonan, Jen Cloher and Mia Dyson.

And Season Three, featuring a stack of new content, has just launched, with contributions from the likes of Gregg Donovan (Wonderlick Entertainment), Esti Zilber (Sounds Australia), Leanne DeSouza (Association of Artist Managers), Jenna Burns (Level 2 Publishing), Katie Rynne ( Select Music), Maria Amato (AIR exec director) and Stu McCullough (Amplifire Music). Plus a stack-load more.

In the words of Martine: “It can take years to build up your network of contacts and understand how all aspects of the music business work. Giving unlimited access to current, best practice across all facets of the biz is so powerful in building a well-informed, thriving career and industry as a whole.”

So how do you get onboard? By taking out one of the affordable membership options, you’ll immediately have at your fingertips over 1200 unique bite-sized videos, taking in 25 individual modules. You’ll also have unlimited access to resource lists, downloadable checklists, templates and fact sheets and a national job listings board and events calendar.

If you’re serious about getting ahead or sharpening your skill set within any aspect of the music biz, do yourself a favour and head on over to the site.

“I would encourage anyone taking the music business baton to subscribe and learn from not only me, but so many generous, clever and insightful people.” (Leanne De Souza, recently named in The Power 50’s Most Influential Figures in the Australian Music Industry)

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