What is the future of live music?

The latest Music Industry Mingle will address the Number 1 question on everyone’s lips: What do live music audiences look like in a post-pandemic world?

Venues and events are slowly coming back to life, but the question of who will return remains. This special online Music Industry Mingle asks researchers and industry practitioners to share their insights on what to expect from patrons, and when and how we can adapt live music offerings to remain appropriate and viable.

The Mingle will feature guest speaker Tandi Palmer Williams from Patternmakers, the lead Australian agency tracking audience trends through the Audience Outlook Monitor research. Baseline data was collected in May 2020 in a cross-sector collaborative survey involving museums, galleries, performing arts organisations and festivals, from the country’s largest companies to micro ones in regional Australia. Over 23,000 respondents from 159 organisations contributed to the aggregated results that will assist artists and cultural organisations of all kinds in understanding how audiences feel about attending events again.

“By capturing this level of detail about changing attitudes, we can provide artists and cultural organisations with timely information to plan ahead and make the best possible decisions about re-opening,” says Tandi. She will provide a snapshot of the study’s results at the Mingle.

Accompanying Tandi will be Shelley Bishop, who is conducting a PhD including a focus on how our industry’s leaders have innovated their operations during this time. In addition, Gold Coast locals Mark Duckworth from Major Events Gold Coast and Brad Hinds from Oztix will contribute to the discussion, applying their knowledge of national and global event and audience trends to our local landscape.

Lending further insight into the impacts of COVID-19 restrictions across the Gold Coast Music Industry, the online discussion will be led by Kimberley Ferguson of Beats Cartel and Mo’s Desert Clubhouse fame.

Music Industry Mingles are supported by the City of Gold Coast and are free to attend. Jump onto the Facebook event on Tuesday 30 June, 7-8pm.




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