Music Review: Ash Dean | Self-titled EP

Lead singer of Electric Lemonade, Ash Dean has released a debut solo, self-titled EP.

It’s a groovy mix of motown funk, R&B and soul.  His smooth-like-satin vocals and clean crisp sound make for a groovy sunset album.

With glimpses of Usher vocal styling, uncomplicated but just-right rhythm sections and the perfect amount of horns and sex appeal this album is another example of the plethora of talent residing within our humble Gold Coast shores.

Recorded, mixed and produced locally at Blindboy Studios, Ash Dean has produced a hopeful, sensual, funky album, which encapsulates all the right R&B qualities.

He displays his diverse talent throughout each track and hasn’t overdone production or held back in other ways. Definitely worth a listen: grab your girls and crack some champagne and enjoy this sultry track list.

Correction: our print story says Ash Dean is formerly of Electric Lemonade. That was our error. Ash is most definitely still a member of the band and we are terribly embarrassed for our oversight.

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