Music review: Mini Mansions | The Great Pretenders

Can someone please take this album away from me? Seriously. Mini Mansions’ sophomore LP blew my mind, and I’ll try to explain in this small space just why that was. Opening track Freakout! shimmers into life with auditory sex before a buzzing bass tone keeps time throughout the track. The song slides along before exploding into a thick, eclectic soundscape that would give even Arcade Fire a run for their money. Michael Shuman, of Queens of the Stone Age, provides brilliantly diverse vocals throughout the album.

Death Is A Girl initially sounds like a THX ad loading up with an 80’s styled drum machine track while the vocals remind me of Bowie, thick with effects. The chorus enters with a beautiful 8-bit synth progression.

If you aren’t on your way to listening to this album by now, start moving. Bring your headphones. You definitely need to listen to this in high fidelity.

Single Vertigo features Alex Turner from English rockers Arctic Monkeys. The song feels minimalistic initially, but keys and other sounds build on the first verse before the chorus captures your mind and sends you on a catchy journey within the song. The vocals this time sound like Lennon, and let me tell you, Turner and Lennon-esque vocals in one song sounds awesome.

Mirror Mountain blares at you while 60’s styled organ playing dances around the blocks of noise. The chorus is so busy you need to listen to it a few times to appreciate each individual layer, but the song is beyond worth it.

The album clocks in at 45 minutes spread between 11 tracks, and despite the year not being over yet, I’m locking this in as my album of the year.


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