MUSIC REVIEW: New Age Notion | What Happened to Forever


What. A. Lick.

The opening seconds of What Happened To Forever set the bar high for the rest of the song, and it sure doesn’t disappoint. Lead singer Ryan McErlean produces vocals that are precariously dancing between blues and pop while the guitar progression underpins his melodies perfectly. The rough edge to his vocals are a fresh approach to the rock scene on the Gold Coast, the only similar vocalist I know of being Jimmy of Jimmy the Saint and the Sinners.

The drums push the song along with tight snare cracks and bright cymbals to further accent the chorus. The production on this track is great, and the drums help build up to the chorus perfectly.

Considering this track is a debut single from New Age Notion, I am definitely keeping my eye on them for a debut release soon.

Listen to the track here:


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