Musicians to help break free from coal this weekend

Hundreds of protesters will block Newcastle Coal Port this weekend in a mass action which is making waves before it even takes place.

On Sunday 8 May hundreds of people will come together under the banner of BREAK FREE. They’re blocking Australia’s biggest coal port in Newcastle.

It’s a peaceful protest but a powerful call to action for an urgent move away from fossil fuels to clean, renewable energy.

Australia is one of the first locations in the global wave of protests that are the largest civil disobedience action in the history of the environmental movement.

Ash Grunwald, Nattlie Rize of Blue King Brown, Uncle Bunna of Coloured Stone and Rob Hirst from Midnight Oil will all add their voice to the protest with musical performances on the day.

The event will also feature a flotilla of vessels on the harbour, including traditional Pacific Islander canoes teamed by the Pacific Climate Warriors, a traditional welcome to Country and smoking ceremony by Indigenous leaders as well as attendance by Traditional Owners from nations across Australia. Break Free Angels (pictured) will also be onsite.

Newcastle is a fitting location for this weekend’s focus. It’s Australia’s biggest coal port and people in the town know exactly how dirty coal is. There are also plenty of people in the district who rely on the coal industry for jobs – they can see that the coal industry is in decline and many are already feeling the impact through job losses.

The protest will build momentum for the move away from fossil fuels to a 100% renewable energy future. Great timing given the global investment boom in renewable energy (though let’s not mention the savage cuts of $1bn to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.)

It is one of a series of protests around the world designed to challenge the power of the fossil fuel industry internationally, and to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy. The protest is aimed to articulate this need and help bring that vision closer to being realised.

We’re with you, Newcastle.

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Break Free takes place Sunday 8 May at the Port of Newcastle.

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