Napoleonic Wars: You Disgust Me

They made a pretty big impact when they launched their debut single and video last year and now Napoleonic Wars are back with a new EP You Disgust Me, But I Can Relate, which they’ve dubbed a “personal, post-hardcore embrace.” We’re not going to pretend to know what that means, but we did chat to one half of the band to try and find out.

Musically, Napoleonic Wars draws on a rich variety of influences from Japanese rock bands like Tricot and Ling Tosite Sigure and then add the chaos of western post-hardcore acts like At The Drive In and Emery. “We wanted to create something unique and nostalgic. Which is reflected heavily in the sound of the EP,” they told me. “Hopefully people enjoy the wild ride.”

Tell me about your new six-track EP?
Richard: At its a heart the songs act as my lyrical diary through a time of my life where I felt depression, disillusionment within society and lived through broken relationships. Through my experiences I’ve learnt that these emotions are felt universally and I tried very hard to express this on the new record through some very real topics and themes. I hope when people listen to this EP they are reassured that it’s okay to experience such things and that they aren’t “broken” or “damaged” for it, as I have felt about myself in the past.

You had a feature in Blank last year – what impact did that have on the band?
Richard: The feature Blank printed about our last music video for the single Screw You Jurel was a massive boost for an emerging act like us. It was really great to see fresh faces at shows as a result of their article and we’ve made a lot of close friends, new fans and helpful partnerships thanks to that. Because of Blank we’ve got a lot of kindling at our fan base, which we plan to ignite with our EP release this February.

Tell me about your national tour?
Jake: The tour will start with an EP launch show on the Gold Coast in late February and from there we’ll travel south in March for the first show in Sydney. Then we’ll be heading up the East Coast to Brisbane, stopping in at Newcastle, Lismore and our hometown the Gold Coast. As emerging artists it’s actually a dream come true to be performing in Sydney with awesome bands like Basil’s Kite and SEIMS. I’m counting the days ‘til we leave. It’s our first national tour so it should be refreshing to perform in new places and make new friends.

Any highlights since we last spoke?
Jake: Making the video for Die Joe Boo was too much fun. The entire video was filmed at a house party we hosted last year. We invited all our friends to a house show and organised a whole heap of creepy and quirky events to surprise our guests. It was great to have all of our friends get involved with our music this way and the video turned out really great because of all their support. I’m not allowed to host parties anymore but it was totally worth it!
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Napoleonic Wars hit Griffith Drama Theatre 26 February for an all-ages show before dates in Sydney, Newcastle, Lismore (11 March), Brisban (17 March) and then a homecoming of epic proportions at Currumbin Creek Tavern on 18 March. Their EP You Disgust Me But I Can Relate is available now for pre-order via the band’s Bandcamp page and after its release will be found via iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.

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