Get comfy for a good cause this National Pyjama Day

With the chilly winds sweeping through the coast – not to mention the current COVID-19 situation – most of us are already rocking our favourite tracky dacks around this time of year. But what if we told you that reserving a whole day to wearing your comfy clothes in the month of July and August can help raise much needed funds and awareness for kids in foster care all while giving you and your colleagues an excuse to spend the day in something super comfy? Yep it’s a thing!

National Pyjama Day is an day where members of the community dress in their pyjamas as a fun way to spread awareness about The Pyjama Foundation’s Love of Learning (LOL) Programme. The only service of its kind, The LOL programme  involves a volunteer (Pyjama Angel) and child in foster care working together to improve the child’s education, reading and confidence. The LOL programme is a proven effective solution in empowering kids in care to have the confidence, education and skill to change their life direction.

“I love it. I’ve been placed with a young boy for over three years now and I hope to be in his life forever! The most fulfilling part of the role for me, is being someone positive, and stagnant in their life,” says active volunteer Courtney Forster.

“We do some reading and we play games! Mostly UNO, some cards and other random board games I have bought along the way. We have so much fun and laugh so much.”

Courtney tells Blank how the idea for the LOL program was born.

“It’s a really beautiful story how Bronwyn started it. She met another mother at school who was a foster carer. She went to her home and was exposed to the busy-ness and commitment to children in care and asked herself how can she help, she then identified the need for increased education and come up with the program.”

The fact that 92% of children in foster care have below average reading skills by the time they are seven years of age is one of the things that makes this programme so essential. The Pyjama Foundation has helped support over 1440 kids in care to date.

National Pyjama Day is officially held on 19 July each year but can be celebrated any week in July or August. The Pyjama Foundation uses a large percentage of its own funds in order to operate so just rocking up to work or school in your PJs can make a crucial difference to many lives of children in care. (Please consult your school or workplace before doing so!)

For those who are thinking about volunteering or donating to the Pyjama Foundation, Courtney advises “Just do it! It’s a fun, entertaining and fulfilling hour of your week, with the potential to absolutely change a child’s life.”

Here are some ways you can get involved this year:

  1. Plan and organise a pyjama event. Whether it be a PJ fun run, zoom meeting, social distanced dance party or office morning tea, the choice is yours! Don’t forget to share it with the world and let them know why you are doing it. #inmyPJs
  2. Create a fundraising page on social media
  3. Get your friends, family and work colleagues amongst it! Share the idea and help raise awareness by getting your friends and family in on the fun.
  4. Complete a challenge in your PJs, post on social media with the hashtag “Activity”#inmyPJs
  5. Sign up for next year’s Gold Coasts’s annual Battle of the Brains Trivia Night with your family, colleagues or colourful group of eclectic friends. All ticket proceeds are donated to The Pyjama Foundation’s LOL program.

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