Nattali Rize opens 2016 at NightQuarter

“Enuff corporate noise in the ears of the youth. Time to spread the truth.” They are the words that greet you when you enter Nattali Rize’s website.

Best known as front woman of Blue King Brown, she uses her voice and her music to support those fighting the exploitation of people and the planet. Along with being a vocal opponent to the invasion of West Papua by Indonesia, she’s also thrown her weight behind campaigns protesting the expansion of coal seam gas extraction as well as Aboriginal deaths in custody.

She spent most of 2014 and 2015 living in Jamaica, writing and recording and laying down new tracks with Jamaican outfit NOTIS and she’s about to return to Australia for a special New Year’s Day show at the Gold Coast’s newest live music venue, NightQuarter.

Nattali’s bio mentions her Native American and Samoan roots but she’s always quick to mention that she’s a global citizen. But has there been a particular culture or particular country that’s inspired her musically? She says musicians and artists are constantly evolving and drawing inspiration from experience.

“I was lucky enough to grow up with a really diverse musical soundtrack. My mum had great taste in music – Santana, Bob Marley, Louis Armstrong, Aretha Franklin,” she told Blank GC earlier this year.

“Then I got into playing drums and I got into all the drums of the world – classical Indian drumming and African drumming and all the melodic music that goes into that. I’ve been pulled towards reggae for most of my life too and now I’m in Jamaica and inspired and motivated by that.”

“I think Island music is something that I do have a connection with – music from many islands. Everyone sings. The harmonies, the spirit in the music, maybe it’s got to do with the ocean and the proximity to it,” she ponders.


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Nattali Rize will bring those soul-awakening island vibes to NightQuarter on 1 January 2016.


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