Currumbin local weaves his way into the world of upcycling with Rope Buoy

Get ready to fall hook, line and sinker for the beautifully handwoven mats and baskets of Rope Buoy.

The new ethical lifestyle brand create homewares out of recycled crayfishing rope. Bold, functional designs meet retro beach vibes, made right here on the Gold Coast. Currumbin local Neddy Van Dyck sits at the helm.

“I was always interested in rope” he tells us. “When I was really young, my parents bought me books on how to tie knots.”

Neddy’s been weaving with rope for around four years now. He combines traditional rope work, cultivated by fisherman and sailors for centuries, with weaving techniques and his own distinctive style.

“Since launching, I’ve woven hundreds of items and the business is continuing to grow. It’s very exciting.”

Polyethylene fishing rope spends a short season hauling up heavy cray pots from the ocean. It’s then swapped out for fresh and reliable replacements.

“The rope’s tough. It’ll outlive me, so I thought it best to recycle it and put it to good use” he says.

Neddy sources the rope from Western Australia, either buying it or salvaging it from the coastline where it is a threat to marine life. So far this clever buoy has turned thousands of kilograms of plastic rope into useful household items.

Not only is Neddy a trained marine scientist and fisherman, but he has environmentalism in his blood. His father and grandmother both had careers as conservationists. So it’s no surprise that he’s woven sustainability into his business model.

“Our product is made from 100% recycled materials…our packaging is eco-friendly,” he explains.

“The carrier we chose already has carbon neutral postage set up. We are continuously working towards reducing our footprint.”

Neddy recently became a dad and believes that has furthered his commitment to a low impact lifestyle.

“Becoming parents has made both my wife and me think a lot harder about the footprint we are leaving.”

Rope Buoy is excited to be part of a growing movement towards conscious consumerism. Neddy believes there’s a sea change on the horizon.

“I think we are about to see a huge shift in business going green out of consumer demand.”

If you have a penchant for socially and environmentally responsible brands then visit Rope Buoy’s online store at and view their range of all Australian made, 100% recycled and handmade products.

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