New Gold Coast Music: April 2020

If you’ve worn out your old fave tunes playing them over and over in iso, never fear. Here are some freshies, hot off the press from #goldcoast artists to your ears, curated by our very own Zac Fahey.

Josh King’s New Age Pop

Local solo artist Josh King is making a big statement with the release his stunning debut single ’116’. Describing his sound as his own brand of new-age pop, Josh King tactfully mixes ambient guitars with sparkling synths behind a surging electronic backing beat. A guitarist at heart, Josh King has drawn influences from past musicians like John Mayer and The 1975 to help modernise and redefine what a solo guitarist can sound like in 2020. We’re looking forward to hearing more from this bright new talent. ‘116’ is out on 17 April. Follow Josh for updates.

Clawmachine are Back and Sweeter Than Ever

After a two year hiatus, Gold Coast five-piece Clawmachine have their creative juices flowing again and are giving us a taste with release of a brand new single ‘Sweet Like Sugar’. Upbeat, synth-heavy melodies weave nicely between the mesmerising vocals of front woman Whitney, showcasing the talents of a seasoned group of musicians. The easy, free-flowing nature of the track reflects directly back to its incarnation in producer/guitarist Dylan Lindquist’s studio as he describes: “I was just showing a bunch of different beats to Whitney and as soon as she heard ‘Sugar’ she kind of just jumped on the mic and sung the melody on the spot, it was mesmerising to watch.” Let’s hope this release is the first of many more to come from the much-loved Gold Coast outfit.

KARLOU Is Oozing With Energy

Continuing the momentum from the release of her impressive 2019 debut, KARLOU has just given us ‘Grew Up’, a polished modern day indie-pop single that’s oozing with energy. Tight production techniques initially push the tack more towards pop rather than indie, however when KARLOU’s raspy vocal enters the mix it provides just the rough edge the track needs to become unique. Like most artists during this time KARLOU has had to reschedule her planned launch shows, keep a close eye on our gig guide for updates.

YT DiNGO: Genre Bending Brilliance

2019 Gold Coast Music Award winner for Best Music Video, YT DiNGO, is continuing to bring his infamous genre bending sounds too new levels with the release of ‘End Of The World’. Heavy metal guitar riffs blast over electronic RnB style drum samples while YT DiNGO spits high energy Aussie accented rap verses over the top. Then, out of nowhere the tempo changes dramatically to make way for a spaced out electronic breakdown before rediscovering the original groove and finishing off with some intense Rage Against The Machine inspired screaming. Underneath the chaos YT DiNGO somehow pulls together cohesion making ‘End Of The World’ a super impressive work of art that we cannot wait to see the film clip for.

Yorke’s Pop Anthem

21 year old Byron/Gold Coast border hopper Yorke has released a massive sounding indie pop anthem ‘Treading Water’, which sets the scene nicely for her fantastic debut EP ‘Liberosis’. It’s no surprise that Yorke has us up and dancing with this release, after last hearing her voice featuring on fellow local Paces dance floor hit ‘Vertigo’. The chorus of ‘Treading Water’ manages to reach that epic singalong level that very few songs can, the track could easily be described as our local version of Sia’s ‘Chandelier’.

Ivey Continue To Impress

Easily one of The Gold Coast’s hardest working bands, Ivey seem to have been releasing new content or making major announcements every month for the past year, and it’s paying dividends for the young five-piece. Their latest single ‘Valentine’ is a dreamy electro-pop number with dark undertones, showcased visually through a stunning accompanying video. Perhaps the band’s catchiest single to date, the chorus hook is pure pop and would not seem out of place on commercial radio. ‘Valentine’ will be released alongside a handful of new material later this year on an EP recorded with long time collaborator Konstantin Kersting who recently transcended to superstar status after working with Tones & I. With catchy pop melodies and a certified mastermind behind the desk, it’s possible that we will see Ivey hit the world stage in 2020.

Another Taste Of Daste

Gold Coast finest chilled electronic trio Daste are following up a their hugely successful 2019 single with the announcement of a new management deal and the release of ‘About Us’, yet another slow burning intimate gem that will get your body rolling. Understated yet deeply intricate, ‘About Us’ sees the band tactfully blend live and electronic elements together with catchy vocal melodies to produce a sound reminiscent of early Chet Faker. Lyrically the track hits the mark during our current climate, empathising with those who battle with uncertainty in times of change.

Chelsea Valarie’s Neo-Soul Debut

17 year old Gold Coast songstress Chelsea Valarie (pictured) has just released her neo-soul influenced debut single ‘Throw Some Dice’ through independent label Germinate Records. Chelsea’s silky smooth vocals steal the show here, with impressive range, beautiful harmonies and clever melodies displaying songwriting abilities well beyond her years. Lyrically ‘Throw Some Dice’ reflects on change through personal growth and independence as Chelsea explains ”I wanted to write a song celebrating the strength required to overcome challenging situations by making difficult personal changes”.

Doolie Continues Her Momentum

Local pop sensation Doolie has been gradually gathering momentum over the past 12 months and seems to have hit the sweet spot with her latest single ‘Only For A Night’. Teaming up with well credited producer Moonbase who has worked with the likes of Anderson Paak, the track features Doolie’s signature silky smooth vocals and catchy melodies but it’s the off kilter 2-step beat that really sets the track apart. For a song written about making a good first impression it certainly does itself justice.

Jim Ottaway’s Soundtrack For Uncertain Times

Jim Ottaway has just released an ambient electronic soul soother titled ‘Searching for Paradise’ which features on a 19 track compilation album released to raise money for the Australian bushfire appeal. A slow paced, spacey eight minute jam, ‘Searching for Paradise’ is a perfect relaxing soundtrack for these uncertain times. The full album is titled AMBIENT AID FOR AUSTRALIA and can be found exclusively on Bandcamp; all funds raised will be donated to the World Wildlife Fund for the Australian Bushfire relief.

Selve’s Brilliant Friend

Selve are following up their stunning 2019 debut with yet another fascinating rock banger. Intertwining live sounds with electronic elements, thoughtful musical composition and lyrical poetry, ‘Friend’ showcases exactly how Selve are paving their own musical pathway. It takes a few listens to truly grasp the scope of this track’s brilliance but it’s well worth the journey. So press play and strap yourself in for the ride.

We All Drive Hit Hard With ‘Chalk’

We All Drive hit hard with their first offering of the decade, ‘Chalk’. Picking up right where their previous single ‘Kingscliff’ left off, ‘Chalk’ is a wonderfully abrasive thrashy rock belter that is sure to get your blood pumping. As a drum/guitar two piece, We All Drive have managed to channel that massive sounding, riff heavy sweet spot made famous by fellow rock duos Royal Blood and The Mess Hall. ‘Chalk’ is best listened to at full volume.

Lastlings Release Strongest Single To Date

Lastlings are yet another wildly successful band to emerge from the Gold Coast over the past few years. After a string of impressive original releases since forming in 2015, 2019 saw the duo gain the attention of Australian electronic heavyweights RÜFÜS DU SOL with a game changing remix of the bands single ‘Solace’. Their new original track ’Take My Hand’ marks the first release under Liberation Records and was written about two people unprepared to let go of each other, inspired by the their favourite anime film ‘Your Name’. It’s easily their strongest release to date and is sure to skyrocket the band even further onto popularity.

Beast Machine Go Full Beast Mode

Southern Gold Coast rock lords Beast Machine have just released a 14 track onslaught for the senses. Simply called ‘Self Titled’ this debut is anything but simple, bursting with fast paced technical riffs, tempo changes, vocal acrobatics and drumming that suggests the player grew a third arm for the recording sessions. Lead single ‘Time Slows Down’ offers a palatable mix between The Vasco Era and early Birds Of Tokyo while tracks like ‘Mephisto’ and ‘War’ see Beast Machine reach full beast mode channelling Slipknot and Marilyn Manson.

Mark Easton Releases Eight Studio Album

After a five year hiatus, local blues music fixture Mark Easton has just released his eighth studio album ‘Free Yourself’. The title track is a soulful ballad written about modern day issues backed the timeless formula of slide guitar, harmonica and a simple walking beat. ‘Your Driving’s Driving Me Crazy’ sees Easton pick up the electric guitar and release his road rage through an epic solo while ‘Digging Your Own Grave’ slows things down with some impressive acoustic guitar playing.

Tyla’s Dreamy Debut EP

New Gold Coast artist Tyla has just released an impressive four track debut EP ‘Honey Skin’ blending styles of folk and pop together nicely to create a dreamy glimpse into the life of the talented 23 year old. ‘Closer’ is an acoustic pop number about love and lust, ‘Trapped Inside Your Head’ is a beautifully catchy folk song and lead singles ‘Pages’ and ‘Honey Skin’ introduce more electronic/pop elements while still staying true to her gentle sound. Keep an eye on Tyla’s socials for upcoming local shows.

Catch the Midnight Express to Rome

Midnight Express to Rome are channeling some serious classic rock with their debut single. ‘Desperados’ is an epic slow jam featuring gritty lead vocals, distorted riffs and slow vibey drums. Forming late last year the hard working three piece, consisting of two Italian expat siblings have been impressing Gold Coast crowds with their consistent local gigging over the past few months.

Casey Barnes Releases Polished New Record

Freshly dubbed as Australia’s number one country radio artist following some impressive commercial success, Gold Coast’s favourite country rock artist Casey Barnes has delivered yet another stunning album. ‘Town Of A Million Dreams’ was surely named after our beautiful town and consists of 10 polished, radio ready packages.

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