New Gold Coast Music: July 2018

There’s a diverse bunch of new songs from the Gold Coast for you to get your ears around this month. Everything from the popular country vibes from Casey Barnes to the souped-up metal blues of Hammers and the electro-rock of Savv. Take a listen to what’s just been added to the Gold Coast music playlist for yourself:

Kye Grant collaborates with Rhea Robertson for Fall

You can’t really go wrong when you create a melodic piece of sparse electronica that features Rhea Robertson’s vocals over the top. And that’s exactly what Kye Grant has done with new song ‘Fall’. It’s a song that ebbs and flows with tectonic beats and heavy synth with the video providing strong imagery to tie it all together. Listen via Spotify and the other usual streaming services.

Casey Barnes says Be Mine

Casey’s dropped the fourth single of his album ‘The Good Life’ – a song of love, with a beautiful video clip to match. It follows his #1 single ‘Ain’t Coming Home’ which continues to dominate airwaves – you can listen to both via Spotify before you catch Casey at Groundwater Country Music Festival this month.

Hammers drop Home Blokes

Expertly channelling a diverse range of styles from the heavier end of the musical spectrum, touching upon elements of stoner rock, souped-up blues metal and hardcore, amongst others Hammers new EP ‘Homeblokes’ is out now. It’s an impressively meaty slab of head shaking heaviness, that’s sure to go down a treat when the band celebrate the launch of the EP locally with what’s sure to be an epic show at the Miami Shark Bar on 4 August. Check out the EP now via Spotify.

Future Forever for Savv

Savv’s new song ‘Future Forever’ is an anti-love song, created in the early hours of morning nearly two years ago. Heavy on the production, with a hearty dose of rock, this relatively new project, clearly inspired by dance music’s approach to rhythm and groove sees sythesisers front and centre and simple lyrics dealing with complicated topics. Don’t let that be a barrier, on first listen the music is easy and bright. If that sounds like you need to hear it to get it, you can do that online and in person. They’re supporting Peach Fur at elsewhere on 6 July and Ella Fence at The Zoo on 12 July.

Eliza’s Half Empty Girl

Eliza and the Delusionals have shared news of scoring a support slot for Tasmanian punks Luca Brasi at the same time they’ve dropped new banger ‘Half Empty Girl’. It’s a sweet and punchy tune, not dissimilar to earlier tracks, but it does see the band further hone their sound with a catchy chorus and solid riffs accompanying Eliza’s powerful voice ever so perfectly. You can catch ‘em at Lennox Head’s Beach Sounds on 14 July and supporting Luca Brasi at The Triffid on Friday 17 August.

Jacob Lee delivers With You

Quiet over-achiever – Gold Coast’s Jacob Lee has just clocked 23 million Spotify streams and to celebrate he’s gifted the world with one of the year’s most intimate singles. Known for his intricate ability to capture the delicacy of human emotion and with songs that gently touch the heart, Jacob’s new track ‘With You’, off upcoming debut album Philosophy, is out now. You can listen via Spotify and catch Jacob in person when he hits Q1 on Saturday 11 August. IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography

Clawmachine unleash Good Harvest

While their name may invoke images of some industrial-metal channeling behemoth, Gold Coast’s Clawmachine in truth reside at a much brighter and breezier end of the musical spectrum. Their impressive sophomore EP release, ‘Good Harvest’, largely driven by the technicolour vision of band focal point and producer Dylan Lindquist, expertly blends a tasty stew of evocative indie-pop infused with atmospheric electro flourishes, fleshed out with a triumvirate of guest female vocalists. Check it out:

Milyakburra drops for Emily Wurramara

Steeped in the sand, salt and concrete of her family, community, culture, islands and all of the souls that have played a part in her journey so far, Milyakburra is 11 tracks sung in both English and Anindilyakwa that explore the contrasting themes of the two worlds in which Emily Wurramara grew up – the island and the city. Listen now via Spotify, or catch Emily live at GARMA, if you’re lucky enough to be headed to NE Arnhem Land this August. IMAGE (c) Hannah Bronte.

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