New Gold Coast Music: June 2020

We’re just so proud of the #goldcoast right now, and the amazing music that is coming out of this crazy time. Our local artists have reached into the depths, and pulled out inspiration galore. Here are some of Zac Fahey’s fave fresh tunes, to tide you over for June.

Lonely Wharf

WHARVES front man Matt Collins is flexing his singer/songwriter skills with his lush sounding solo project called okmattcollins. The debut single ‘Everything’s Changing’ was released alongside a moving video clip which features Collins staring down the camera while delivering a heartfelt vocal performance along a lonely gravel road. Writing and recording all of the musical parts himself okmattcollins creates a full picture of loss and self discovery with this beautiful track which was written in the wake of a major breakup. Press play on this beauty but keep the tissues handy.

Athena Brings Joy During Iso

A silver lining to this terrible global pandemic that we’re experiencing at the moment is the amazing music it’s inspiring, and this month we’re starting to see some of the first releases written and recorded from isolation. Athena Joy’s new single ‘Take Me Away’ is a dreamscape reaction to time spent alone, written about escaping reality and getting lost in your own imagination. Ambient guitars and electronic delicacies support Joy’s stunning vocals, succeeding in taking the listener away on a short 2:31 journey into the creative musings of an isolated musician.

All Aboard the Raw Deep Freight Train

‘King Of The World’ is the latest offering from local alt-rockers Raw Deep and is cleverly described as a freight train by the band here – “setting off smoothly from the station before accelerating into a steaming locomotive of foot stomping guitar riffs, dexterous lead guitar, crashing drum fills and rich vocals.” ‘King Of The World’ was written about yearning for something more and as the first of eight singles to be released this year, it seems that Raw Deep will not be leaving us yearning for too long at all. Keep an eye on the band’s socials for creative rapid fire from this exciting new Gold Coast crew.

Emmagen Rain Has A Bright Future

Showing musical maturity well beyond her years, Emmagen Rain has just released ‘City Lights Call’, a well polished country-pop ballad that will be sure to get your boots scooting. Preforming and busking from the age of nine, Emmagen Rain has been making waves in the country music scene for years already and seems to have consolidated her sound at just 12 years old. Tactfully mixing acoustic singer/songwriter sensibilities with pop production qualities ‘City Lights Call’ is an exciting debut release from Emmagen Rain, another local talent that is bound for the spotlight.

Ivey’s Dance Floor Hit

Ivey are showing no signs of slowing down after one of the most productive 12 months of any Gold Coast band. Their fifth consecutive single ‘Midnight’ is a an instant dance floor hit, written about letting go and giving into the moment. Once again teaming up with superstar producer Konstantin Kersting, the band delve even deeper into electronic pop territory, solidifying themselves as major players in the widely popular genre. Ivey have also been doing an excellent job of connecting with fans during isolation with regular performances. Their socials are well worth a look, even if it’s just to channel some of that live energy we’ve all been missing so much.

Doolie’s Masterful Mixtape

Local pop artist Doolie has been steadily growing her profile over the past few years, releasing a handful of successful singles that have attracted attention from several major management companies and record labels. Now with a solid fan base and a great team behind her, Doolie has released her first body of work in the form of a stunning 10-track mixtape. Collaborating with a host of high profile produces including Paces and Kilter, the mixtape showcases Doolie’s undeniable talent for writing edgy electronic bangers. Channeling the likes of Banks and Halsey, Doolie offers her own flavor of contemporary pop on this impressive debut that could easily be considered as a fully polished album.

DEVOLVED Is Not For The Faint Hearted

Gold Coast-raised, LA-based tech-metal masters ‘DEVOLVED’ will get you out of bed in the morning with their new sensory onslaught of a single ‘No Salvation’. The track sees guitar, drums, bass and vocals go absolutely hell for leather for over six minutes, displaying complete mastery of instrumentation and synchronicity. Dark lyrical overtones fit the vibe and can only be truly appreciated by checking out the bands official lyric video; but beware, Devolved ‘No Salvation’ is not for the faint hearted.

Kobrakai Take You To Outer Space

Horns to the sky, local rock kings Kobrakai are back with a brand new single ‘Planets’. Born from a series of jam sessions this riff-heavy romper stomper hits hard from start to finish leaving the listener pumped and ready to take on the world. If a sonic journey isn’t enough, let Kobrakai take you on a mission to outer space with the intergalactic video for ‘Planets’. The first of several new tracks set for release this year we look forward to blasting off with Kobrakai again soon.

Linda Angledal’s intriguing new single

Linda Angledal has released an intriguing new single from a forthcoming solo electronic EP titled ‘Rain Dance’. The purely instrumental track builds slowly from ambience to anthem with the help of a driving percussion section and a plethora of fascinating sounds both electronic and organic. ‘Rain Dance’ somehow manages to gently guide the listener from a relaxing morning yoga session to a 2am rave in the Tipi Forest at Splendor In The Grass. Seriously impressive stuff here from Linda Angledal.

A Winning Duet

Local singer/songwriters Mimi Bailey and Nicky Muir have teamed up to release ‘Last December’, a pop infused country ballad that spells success for this newly formed duet. Inspired by Taylor Swift ‘Last December’, it uses a call response style vocal style to reminisce on a summer’s romance from the perspective of both male and female voices. Meeting while studying Griffith University’s famed Bachelor of Popular Music program, let’s hope they stick to the winning formula and give us more collaborations in the months to come.

YT DiNGO Is In His Own League

Following on from his explosive single ‘EOTW’ from earlier this year, YT DiNGO delivers a knock out punch with his latest ‘WTFU’. The single sees YT DiNGO continue to proudly carry his own unique style, delivering thought provoking sounds and lyrical content alongside a killer video full of contemporary dance fusion. Rage Against The Machine is the only comparison that could be drawn but even then they are a far cry from one another. It’s certainly not for everyone but credit is due to anyone who continues to push boundaries and raise eyebrows with every release.

Bianca Power’s Soulful Slow Burner

Bianca Power has followed up her debut 2019 single with the soulful slow burner ‘I Need You’. Building from sparse percussion and electric guitar into a haunting jazz-influenced band track, ‘I Need You’ is gelled together beautifully by Bianca’s sensational vocals. Said to be written about “fresh high school freedom” the track displays the musical maturity of a seasoned artist with vocal depth and control to match. ‘I Need You’ is easily one of the strongest Gold Coast releases of the year.

Tien Cortez Doesn’t Want To Be Your Friend

Tien Cortez is introducing himself to us this month with his new single ‘I Don’t Want To Be Your Friend’. City hopping between Gold Coast and Brisbane, Cortez grew up with an addiction to writing music as a way to cure boredom, penning over 300 songs during his school years. As a one-man project Tien Cortez does well to present a full sound here, recording and producing everything himself with the self taught skills he picked up over years of trial and error. Think a heavier version of Darwin Deez and you’ll land on something close to Tien Cortez.

Saint Lane’s Impressive Evolution

It’s been so great to sit back and watch the evolution of local hip-hop artist Saint Lane over the years, from Blank GC issue 15 cover star during his time with Ike Campbell to today’s self assured solo artist that sees Lane positioned as one of Australia’s most exciting emerging talents. ‘The Family’ is his latest offering and continues the simplistic, sample-based vibe from his successful single ‘Hickeys’ from earlier this year. Written about his troubled family life, Saint Lane describes the song as his most personal to date, reflecting on the fact that he was hesitant to even release it at all. ‘The Family’ is yet another step in the right direction for our young saint.

Anita Spring wears her heart on her sleeve

Anita Spring is back this month with her first release in over two years and she wearing he heart on her sleeve. ‘This Ain’t Pretty’ reflects on mental health and how hard it might be for some people right now dealing with troubling relationships and other issues. Anita Spring’s visit to Nashville has certainly influenced her current sound giving the single a polished country shine with the help of an all-star cast of world wide collaborators. ‘This Ain’t Pretty’ is the first of several of singles to be released this year followed by a full length album slated for early 2021.

Hot Coffee Keep It Smooth

Funk fusion fanatics Hot Coffee have got us dancing with their first release of the year ‘Alibi’. Smooth production and masterful instrumentation lead the way on this excellent release from the local four-piece, offering a tasteful mix between Jamiroqui and Anderson Paak. Known for keeping their listeners guessing, Hot Coffee take an interesting musical turn just after the two minute mark here with the help of a well placed trumpet solo, finishing the track with a seemingly spontaneous jam; very cool.

Tylah Winyard’s assured debut

Writing and recording music since the age of 12, Tylah Winyard is far from a newcomer to the scene but this month sees her releasing the debut single from her brand new solo project under her own name. ‘Easy’ is a straight-up pop hit that is comparable to anything on the commercial charts right now. With the chorus rhythm finding an infectious dancehall beat reminiscent of Drake’s super hit ‘Hotline Bling’ and a stunning music video to match, ‘Easy’ is set to launch Tylah Winyard firmly into the spotlight.

Sunset City Release Strongest Single To Date

Sunset City are masters at crafting insanely catchy pop songs and their latest release ‘Numb’ might just be their strongest to date. Influences from pop heroes The Weeknd and Maroon 5 are evident but the overall sound is clearly their own, drawing on their experience from many years within the Australian music community. First written over three years ago about living in complete chaos, the track went through a rigorous production schedule which explored several completely different versions before arriving at what we hear today. It was certainly worth the wait because ‘Numb’ is a total winner.

Wild Hearted Find The Equilibrium

It’s guitars to the front with Wild Hearted’s new track ‘Equilibrium’, the second release from the Gold Coast four-piece vintage rock band who name their influences as The Doors and The Rolling Stones. Staying true to their roots the vocal delivery is reminiscent of a young Jim Morrison while the instrumentation ebbs and flows in a loosely structured way as all great rock music did in the 60’s and 70’s. So press play and take a trip back to the summer of 69 with this fantastic new release from Wild Hearted.

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