New Gold Coast Music: May 2019

This month we’re introducing new Blank GC columnist Zac Fahey – no stranger to local music, having performed in local bands and supported their careers in his past role at Footstomp Music. This month’s column has been co-curated by Samantha Morris and Zac, but Zac takes over the reins entirely from June and we couldn’t be more excited. If you’ve got new, original Gold Coast music, you can reach Zac at, but do make sure you send the track, a bio and your press photo to be considered. In the meantime, get your ears around this fresh batch of #gcmusic.

Radolescent jump on the 406

More melodic than its yet-to-be-released album mates (yes, I’ve been lucky enough to have a sneaky listen), Radolescent’s new song ‘406’ sees frontman Isaac channel his inner Robert Smith in the opening bars before the band lets loose with wild guitars and sweet harmonies in the chorus – which might not sound very punk, but what Radolescent do with their music is anything but predictable. ‘406’ is a wonderful taste for what’s to come in the band’s debut album ‘Prehab’, which is out at the end of May. And if you want to see this four piece cause absolute mayhem for an unsuspecting audience, pop along to the Gold Coast Music Awards after party at elsewhere from 10pm on Thursday 2 May.

Calan Mai introduces Friend of a Friend

Heartfelt lyrics take centre stage with this new offering from Calan Mai. ‘Friend of a Friend’ sees Jordan on the piano with another beautiful and lilting track that showcases both his songwriting ability and his love of strong visuals in his art – reflected in video clips as well as single artwork. The accompanying clip for ‘Friend of a Friend’ was filmed on the Gold Coast and was directed by Danielle Lomas – a finalist for Video of the Year at the 2019 Gold Coast Music Awards (Amy Shark) – who amassed a local film crew made up entirely of local students and workers.

You Keep Running, ROMII

ROMII– a finalist for Breakout Artist, Song and Video of the Year categories at this year’s GC Music Awards, is back with a powerful new single ‘You Keep Running’. A previous Queensland Music Awards winner for urban / r’n’b number ‘Wild Heart’, ROMII’s new track ‘You Keep Running’ has already piqued serious industry attention with the Gold Coast artist recently performing it at half time for a Broncos match in front of 25,000 people. The new single is moving and emotional and the production values are obvious – it was written and recorded in LA with Grammy-nominated producer Jayme David Silverstein.

Jacob Lee’s Conscience

He’s one of those under-the-radar artists this city is famous for, but quite possibly not for long. Jacob Lee has more than a million people streaming his music on Spotify every month and his singles reach an enormous audience here and abroad. His new track ‘Conscience’ is headed the same way – all 4:41 minutes of it. Released in April, with a video to accompany the song takes the listener on a deep personal journey into the centre of Jacob’s thoughts and like much of his music, there’s a gentle ambience combined with contemplation, questioning and hope along with a bunch of audio samples (and yak bells around Mt Everest) recorded during the artist’s frequent travels. There are moments of quiet and others of dramatic intensity in ‘Conscience’ but Jacob’s storytelling and songwriting ability definitely take centre stage. Be like those millions and take a listen to Jacob’s sweet new music via all the usual channels.

Hannah Rosa brings the fire

Dripping with aural honey, Hannah Rosa’s new song ‘Fire’ – the follow-up to highly praised release ‘Hollow’ – turns up the heat, combining heavenly melodies with a string of soaring synth and guitar lines. With production from Tristan Hoogland (Golden Vessel, Woodes) and additional production flourishes by Jarryd Shuker (Art of Sleeping, Wyatt), Hannah Rosa’s latest, which is out now, is more refined than ever, and nothing short of dreamy indie bliss.

90s indie guitar rock is not dead!

90’s throwback experts The Goldhearts are back after a three-year hiatus with a lush new single and an upcoming run of local shows. ‘Be Brave’ is a song that represents and honours those who tough through life’s inevitable battles and ultimately triumph over adversity, a topic that rings true for these veterans of the scene. Over the years The Goldhearts have played everywhere from the local corner pub to showcases in the USA. They released a full length album in 2016 which received plays all over the world and have an EP set for release later in the year. This guitar-heavy, indie rock earworm gets the job done in just over three minutes leaving you wanting more; which you can well and truly have if you head along to their single launch, 3 May at Vinnie’s Dive Bar in Southport.

Snack Time with DVNA

DVNA has hit the ground running this year, serving up a mouthwatering new single ‘Looking Like A Snack’. After turning heads in 2018 with her debut ‘Girl On The Move’, a song that was reportedly recorded in her home kitchen, DVNA (pronounced Dar-Na) has certainly not disappointed with her follow-up. With a catchy-as-hell chorus over a glitchy neo soul beat it’s no surprise that this slick new track has already earned the young Gold Coast artist Triple J premieres and Spotify playlist additions. Lyrically the song explores the re-ignition of an old flame with the realisation that maybe the grass wasn’t greener on the other side after all. Playful and flirtatious, she finds a subtle way to say, “I want you back” in style. Fresh from her Bleach* set, you can catch DVNA performing at the Gold Coast Music Awards after-party from 10pm on Thurdsay 2 May at elsewhere.

Hard work pays off for Electrik Lemonade 

Much-loved Gold Coast music scene fixtures Electrik Lemonade have released their heavily anticipated new record ‘Squeezed Fresh’. Easily one of the hardest working bands on the Gold Coast, the gang of eight have been recording and releasing music for more than ten years. Their high energy live show has become renowned and can only be described as the best party you’ve ever been to on a stage. It’s always difficult for a great live band to match the intensity of their performance with their recorded material but ‘Squeezed Fresh’ has no such issues. The album shows the band’s maturity; it’s a punchy, fun, raucous mix of songs that seamlessly gel hip-hop, ska, reggae, rock and smooth funk all together to truly represent one of Gold Coast’s most legendary outfits. The last show of their 11-date national album tour will be at Miami Marketta on 25 May and most certainly should not be missed.

Super Massive sound 

After playing their first show together in four years earlier this month Gold Coast favourite sci-funk-alternative-rock outfit Super Massive are set to release a brand new single ‘Meltwater’. Set for release in early May the track features the truly super massive drum sound of ex-Machine Gun Fellatio drummer/composer/producer Glenn Abbott. Heavy drums and layers of pulsating synths and guitars are juxtaposed by the intimate vocals of Malina Hamilton-Smith making for a unique style that sounds like a modern mix between Divinyls and Regurgitator. ‘Meltwater’ was literally written about the planet’s ice caps melting, inspired by a David Attenborough documentary on global warming. Keep an eye on the band’s social media for more info on the exact date of release.

New shirt and new project for local rapper

Saint Lane is the latest project from local rap hero Lane Harry (formally of Gold Coast Music Award winning outfit Lane Harry x Ike Campbell). Lane has always done things a little differently to your average Gold Coast musician; his confidence, undeniable talent and big picture thinking sets him aside from the rest. ‘Compliment My Shirt’ is the first official single from his latest project and sees Lane playfully flow over a groove-heavy beat bursting with vocal grabs reminiscent of Snoop Dog’s ‘Drop It Like It’s Hot’ or early an early Kanye track. Classic one-liners like “change my name to Susan cuz’ everybody’s suing me” cut through as Lane puts you in the shoes of a struggling uni student with no family support, doing anything to get by. Of course this Gold Coast gangster vibe isn’t for everyone, but love him or hate him, there’s no doubting that Saint Lane does what he does well and by the looks of the momentum he’s getting from this new project we’re going to see a lot more of him in 2019.

Rhea Robertson wishes you were dead

Past Gold Coast Music Award nominee Rhea Robertson wears her heart on her sleeve with new single ‘Wish You Were Dead’. A brutally honest reflection of a toxic past relationship, the chorus lyrics were taken directly from the first line of a diary entry during a low point. Musically the track is a real slow burner. Rhea Robertson’s flowing Lana-Del-Rey-esque vocal delivery is presented over a deep bass driven groove and a smooth Rhodes piano part. The accompanying video follows the same vintage feel of the track and sees Robertson burying the contents of a suitcase across the desert, letting go, moving on.

Ladia: one to watch in 2019

Ladia is going from strength to strength after releasing her debut single and graduating from Griffith’s Popular Music program in 2018. Her latest offering ‘Leave Me Stranded’ maintains the same electro-pop sensibilities of her previous work but takes leaps and bounds production-wise. The catchy three minute pop-banger sounds world class, putting her music on a level playing field with her influences, which include Billie Eilish and Wafia. Written about being left behind by a loved one, Ladia didn’t initially want to release the song at all as the lyrics were too personal. But she has always used music as a way of voicing and processing her internal thoughts so after time passed she changed her mind. With a video coming soon and momentum building online keep an eye on Ladia for more great things to come in 2019.

Akova is back, barefoot

Gold Coast’s earthly roots artist Akova is back with a new album which captures his journey over the past two years. Full of alternate folk melodies and high energy beats, Akova’s album is a rollicking ride through a range of stories, uplifting messages and percussive beats. Setting rhythm with his feet he strums the guitar and plays the djembe with his hands and sings with his heart. ‘Barefoot’ is out now.

Emph N Treats join forces for Devils Advocate

Coming together with tour mates Mr Ruckman and Masterwolf, Gold Coast hip hop outfit Emph N Treats have released a new single ‘Devils Advocate’ which explores people-pleasing correctedness. The video clip also features live footage from the tour the three acts undertook together. ‘Devils Advocate’ is out now.

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