New Gold Coast Music: May 2020

Ah Gold Coast, MAY we offer you this month’s freshest tunes, to brighten your day and make your isolation just a little less lonely? This month we invite you to step into the spotlight, throw caution to the wind, and dive down the rabbit hole with some of the region’s most talented artists. Here are our monthly picks, curated by Zac Fahey.


Lemaire’s Sun-kissed Sound.

After creating a buzz with his 2019 release ’20 Dollar Wine’, Northern NSW hip hop fusion artist Lemaire is now giving us his heavily anticipated energetic follow up ‘Where’s Up?’ A collaboration with Gratis Minds band members Jay Orient and JK-47, ‘Where’s Up?’ leaves the early Ed Sheeran vibes of Lemaire’s previous material behind and focus’ on clean rap versus over a killer, sun-kissed backing track. If your day needs brightening up, hit play on this beauty right now.
Single Out 7 May.

Jacob Lee Destroys His Silhouette

Accurately self described as a hybrid between electronic and pop styles, Jacob Lee’s new single ’Silhouette’ offers a deep illustration of the inner struggles faced when dealing with self doubt while reflecting on past mistakes. Consciously disjointed, ’Silhouette’ switches sharply between layered electronic sections and sparse vocal moments, projecting the desired emotion of uncertainty to the listener. As the second last track of his forthcoming album, ’Silhouette’ is the hidden gem that found the light.
Out 1 May.

Alisha Todd Throws Caution To The Wind

Alisha Todd is continuing to keep us intrigued with her fascinating new single ‘If You Wanna’. Written about throwing caution to the wind, the song takes a theatrical musical journey led by a driving beat that builds and releases in sync with the lyrics. The track was released at the end of April alongside a creative online musical celebration broadcast across Alisha Todd’s socials live from Love Street Studios.

Veople’s Electronic Thriller

Local multidisciplinary artists and compulsive creatives Veople have just given us the first of four singles set for release in 2020 with the electronic thriller ‘Tilt’. With an impressive back catalogue including a host of high profile collaborations and artistic commissions, the band have recently expanded their sound further by consciously pushing the boundaries of experimental electronica. Over five and a half minutes ’Tilt’ works at carving two songs into one, ending at a climatic culmination of synthesized goodness.

daste Channel Gotye On Sophomore EP

daste have delivered on their promise of new music this month with the release of an exceptional sophomore EP titled ‘Same As It Ever Was’. Featuring the low-key banger ‘About Us’ which we raved about in April’s issue, the EP is an 11-minute sonic head massage. Intimate vocals float over lush instrumentation to create a beautiful sonic landscape similar to that of a Gotye album. The real highlight track of the EP and the bands current single is the charming ‘Telephone (What’s Your Name?)’. So put on some headphones and enjoy the massage.

Brook Chivell’s Powerful New Single

Brook Chivell is yet another local powerhouse pop-country artist kicking goals here at the moment, helping to truly solidify the Gold Coast as a major producer of quality country music artists. ‘In My Life’ is an extremely well written song that seamlessly builds into each and every chorus making you want to sing along at the top of your lungs. This is Gold Coast’s pop country answer to Areosmith’s ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’.

Round Mountain Girls Reflect On The Good Things

Live stage favourites Round Mountain Girls are keeping their creative juices flowing this month with the release of ‘First To Let Go’, a hard hitting mix of alt-country, rock and folk styles brought home with the band’s signature fiddle shredding solos. Lyrically inspired by fleeting moments that can never be quite captured, ‘First To Let Go’ is a song about loss and reflecting on the good things; a fitting muse for the current climate. Keep an eye on the bands socials for some creative activations including live performances and a regular series hosted by the band’s front man called ‘Banjovi’s Name That Tune’.

Michael McCartney Steps Into The Spotlight

One of Gold Coast’s most under appreciated musicians has finally stepped out from behind the shadows of session work and high end corporate gigs to present his fantastic original solo project under his own name Michael McCartney. ‘Too Long’ has set the bar high as the first single of an ambitious 12 month release plan which will see McCartney offer 16 tracks across four EPs. With rock at its core, ‘Too Long’ borrows pop sensibilities from Harry Styles, finds the vintage sounds of The Black Keys all while carrying the swagger of Mark Ronson. Featuring an all-star cast of collaborators, McCartney worked with fellow Gold Coaster’s Ian Peres and producer Mitch Finglas to create this well crafted vintage pop stunner.

Rhea Robertson’s Tribute To David Lynch

Rhea Robertson is here to keep us company during isolation with her haunting new single ‘Mulholland Drive’. Inspired by David Lynch’s mystery cult classic of the same name, Rhea Robertson continues the dark undertones of the film with her smoky vocals and slow, haunting instrumentation. ‘Mulholland Drive’ is the kind of song that will put shivers down your spine and would not sound out of place as the soundtrack to Lynch’s next twisted installment.

Miss Lucy’s Dazzling Debut

‘All In A Day’ is the first single from Miss Lucy (pictured), a new project from local multi-instrumentalist Blair Condon. Playing in touring bands for the past few years Blair decided to get out of his comfort zone with Miss Lucy, experimenting with different sounds and styles to create something completely unique. ‘All In A Day’ is a simplistic, quirky, electronic ballad based around a vintage digital drum loop and a Wurlitzer electric piano. The song does an excellent job of capturing a particular emotional state. Written as a mockery of a premature mid-life crisis ‘All In A Day’ will leave you pleasantly dazed.

Paper Round Take You Down The Rabbit Hole

Paper Round have introduced themselves to us this month with their stunning debut ‘Rabbit Hole’. Probably due to the fact that they have been playing together for many years already, the local four-piece have delivered a mature and effortlessly cool single here. Led by a beautiful sounding organ, the track slowly builds in intensity, finishing off with a fabulous crescendo of guitars and vocal harmonies. Paper Round offer a healthy mix between britpop and modern psychedelica and have managed to create a sound that’s unlike any other on the Gold Coast at the moment. Expect big things from this outfit in 2020.

Gesticulations ‘Stay Curious’

Gesticulations is the brand new project fronted by local music industry heavyweight turned poetic songsmith Graham Ashton. The debut single ‘Stay Curious’ is a raw and deeply emotive piece written about longing for a dear friend that has passed. Ashton’s signature baritone vocal is delivered in an intense spoken word style, backed by sparse instrumentation and tactfully juxtaposed by the soothing voice of Hanna Campbell. ‘Stay Curious’ is the first taste of a forthcoming Gesticulations album that is currently being worked on alongside key project collaborator and Gold Coast’s ‘go to’ producer at the moment, Benny D Williams.

Dodge Will Have You Dancing In Your PJs

Dodge provide you with your monthly fix of cowbell with their disco/rock hybrid ‘Dance With Me’, a cleverly written and lusciously recorded single. The band seem to be evolving out of the derivative indie rock sound heard on their debut and are successfully forging their own unique style within the tried and tested genre. Think LCD Sound System meets Catfish And The Bottlemen and you’ll have something close to what’s on offer here. For a song written about dancing, it well and truly does its job. ‘Dance With Me’ is guaranteed to get you up and grooving, even if it is while wearing PJs in your living room.

The Wayward Suns Genre Collision Mystery

Everyone’s favourite party starters The Wayward Suns are colliding genres once again with their signature blend of rock infused hip hop on their brand new single ‘Mystery’. The self proclaimed cosmic groove merchants deliver the groove nicely with some intricate guitar work and well placed scratching fills while delivering some seriously deep, contemplative lyrical content. This track is bursting with energy and when the time is right, it’s sure to be a live hit.

Amy Elise Delivers Teenage Anthem

15 year old Gold Coast artist Amy Elise voices here opinion on the struggles faced by her generation with the angsty new single ‘Teenagism’. Her fourth single to date, ‘Teenagism’ sees Amy Elise experimenting with her style, venturing into grungy pop territory here, a far cry from the acoustic folk sounds of her previous releases. Armed with the lyrical sentiment “Being young is hard, all you adults just don’t get it” ‘Teenagism’ is a teen rock anthem to be sung loud with your fist in the air.

Amela’s Authentic Pop

In case you were wondering, Amela is alright and she tells us so on her uplifting new single. ‘I’m Alright’ is a glistening pop song featuring all the production bells and whistles of a top ten hit. Setting herself apart from other pop artists once again though are Amela’s vocals, bringing a unique intimacy into the mix that radiates authenticity. ‘I’m Alright’ offers taste of what we can expect from Amela’s forthcoming album, a project she’s been working on for almost 12 months with Gold Coast producer and collaborating partner Josh Beattie.

Furry Goodness

The next best thing to going outside is taking a trip with your mind, and Peach Fur’s new EP ‘Awake’ provides the perfect vessel for such an adventure. Expanding on their epically psychedelic 2019 release ‘Aliens’ the five track sonic journey is intriguing from start to finish, taking unexpected stylistic turns, plying with unconventional time signatures while leaving space for extended instrumental parts. The band have done an excellent job of defining their own style with this release by keeping their sounds generally clean rather than fuzzed out and rough around the edges like psych rock contemporaries King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard. So plug in and take a trip with Gold Coast’s own brand of psych rock mind-melting goodness.

Rae Leigh’s Sleepless Nights

Rae Leigh is showing absolutely no signs of slowing down and has just released her third consecutive single for 2020 ’Sleepless Nights’. Co-written with legendary Australian country musician Allan Caswell at a songwriting retreat in Tamworth, the track is about having fun, escaping everyday life and enjoying simple pleasures with a loved one. Rae Leigh collaborated with an international team in complete isolation to record ‘Sleepless Nights’ and is still working hard at finishing her debut album set for release later this year.

Mardi Wilson Keeps Things Moving

Mardi Wilson is known to be a bit of a musical nomad, constantly on the move, playing solo gigs all along the East Coast whenever she can. Now with recent developments, she alongside many other traveling musicians have had to make major creative and financial readjustments. This dramatic change has not stopped her and many others from doing what they love – recording and releasing fantastic music to keep us all entertained. Aptly titled ‘Runaway’, Mardi Wilson’s new single is an uplifting pop song that seems to continuously building in energy and intensity. Recorded at Gold Coast’s Blind Boy Studios with Brad Hosking, the track was a true studio collaboration with Brad adding backing vocals and instrumentation as well as his well renowned skills behind the recoding desk.

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