New Gold Coast Music: October 2019

As per usual, we’ve collated some of our fave new from this month into one handy guide for #goldcoast msuic lovers. You’re welcome!


Eddie Ray Releases Debut Solo Single ‘The Story’

Mark Gray is a man of many talents; playing as one half of local band Burger Joint, performing in a circus group called Kerbside Collective and now fronting up his own solo project Eddie Ray. Debut single ‘The Story’ offers a healthy blend of funk, blues and rock while carrying a positive message. The simple yet effective film clip is set completely inside a physical book, utilising stop-motion photography and clever editing tricks to portray the message. It’s surprisingly rare and refreshing to hear a cheerful song like ‘The Story’ these days, so let’s take a leaf out of Eddie Ray’s book, put on a big smile and give it a spin.


Garret Kato Regains Control

Local wonder-kid Garret Kato lives and breathes music. Not only does he record some of Australia’s best singer-songwriters in his Byron Bay studio, including Ziggy Alberts and Kyle Lionheart, but he’s also an accomplished solo artist in his own right. His beautiful self-produced 2015 debut album ‘This Low And Lonesome Sound’ was a slow burner, gradually gaining a cult like following on Spotify over a number of years. After a busy few years of recording and touring, 2019 has seen Kato return to form with his latest single ‘Control’. It’s a strangely psychedelic, up beat acoustic track that has Kato’s distinct sound all over it. Let’s hope it’s a sign of things to come for the next record.


Jeenie Release High Energy EP

If you like Rage Against The Machine, you’ll love Jeenie. The lead single from the band’s debut EP ‘Spit It’ sounds like it could have been an outtake from Rage’s 1992 self titled debut. Complete with soaring technical guitar parts, slapping bass, meaty drums and Zac de la Rocha’s coined vocal delivery style ‘Spit It’ will get you off the couch running towards the nearest anti-establishment protest, molotov cocktail in hand. The whole EP is well worth a listen and sees Jeenie channeling the same style from start to finish. Other track highlights are ‘Faster Disaster’ and ‘Go Insane’ both of which would translate amazingly in a live setting, so keep an eye on Black GC’s gig guide for upcoming shows.


Being Jane Lane Deliver The Goods On Debut LP

Fresh off the back an impressive BIGSOUND showing, Being Jane Lane have just dropped their heavily anticipated album ‘Savage Sunday’ and it does not disappoint. The all female 5-piece punk-rock outfit hit the ground running with the fast paced, distortion filled opener ‘Next Step’ and don’t really let up until track five’s beautiful acoustic ballad ‘All The Time’. Through themes of love, loss and sex delivered passionately by vocalist Teigan Le Plastrier, there doesn’t seem to be a dull moment within the 12 track LP. With a special mention to the band’s record label owner and unofficial sixth member Guy Cooper, who has worked tirelessly in support of Being Jane Lane for the past few years, this album is a true culmination of hard work and raw talent that is set to be one of the best punk releases of the year. You can catch them launching ‘Savage Sunday’ and witness their raucous live show at Vinnies Dive on 9 November.


Sam Buckingham Gives You ‘Real Life’

Byron Bay troubadour Sam Buckingham has thrown out the rulebook with her latest release ‘Real Life’. Instead of spending weeks in the studio fine-tuning every last detail then producing a cinematic video, she’s decided to let the song and her talent do the talking. ‘Real Life’ was filmed and recorded in one take, just Sam Buckingham and her acoustic guitar, raw, unedited and absolutely stunning. The world needs more of this, some songs are just meant to be presented as they were written. You feel every piece of emotion that Sam is putting out. ‘Real Life’ captures a rare moment of pure connection between musician and listener. Find the clip and watch it now.


Hypnotic Tramadol

Parker Rose is another talented local musician launching a solo project this month. Parker has seen previous success as the singer of Sunset City and enjoyed features on several viral hits over the past few years. His debut solo offering ‘Tramadol’ is a dark alt-pop track about companionship during hard times. Its simple-yet-effective approach works well amongst the polished production, giving it an almost hypnotic feel. Hopefully this is a sign of more to come from Mr. Rose.


Punk-Metal At Its Finest

Blood Of The Lannisters’ new single ‘City Of Shitbags’ won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but we think it’s an absolute belter. Opening with a hilarious audio grab of on old Aussie bloke telling us we can all get fu*ked, the track kicks in and continues on the same satirical tangent throughout. Thick Australian accents paired with thicker riffs; ‘City Of Shitbags’ showcases punk-metal at its finest. The musicianship is on point, complete with double kicker drumbeats, technical guitar parts and low screaming vocal responses. Satire aside, ‘City Of Shitbags’ is a really well written song and will have you singing along after the first chorus.


Mardi Wilson Reflects On Party Culture With New Single

Mardi Wilson has really stepped up on her new single ‘Don’t Stop’, evolving from behind her acoustic guitar into the world of studio production. With help from trusted Gold Coast producer Brad Hosking, the pair have well and truly realised the song’s potential. Although there is a lot going on production wise the track certainly isn’t over produced, leaving just enough space for the essence of the song to shine through. Lyrically ‘Don’t Stop’ address the issues in today’s party/drug culture as Mardi describes – ‘It’s about ‘that one mate’ who always wants to get loose and has a habit of taking things a step too far.’ This is the second offering from Wilsons forthcoming debut album which is shaping up to be pretty special.


50 LGE Set To Release 12” Vinyl

Vintage rockers 50 LGE are keeping it old-school with the release of their 12” Vinyl next month featuring two tracks – ‘Bee Music’ and ‘Black Interceptor’. The three-piece, who have been playing in bands since the 80’s, came together as old mates in 2017 and have been recording music ever since. The band’s experience and attention to detail is evident on their latest offering, recorded by Scotty French at Love Street Studios on the Gold Coast 50 LGE have achieved a world-class sound, which will no doubt come across even better when played on vinyl. To grab yourself a copy, head along to their launch at The Sands Hotel Coolangatta on 23 November.


Stone Rising’s Record Is An Anthemic Shredfest

Stone Rising are yet another Gold Coast act releasing meaty, high-quality rock music. The Southern Gold Coast four piece have been producing their eclectic mix of modern rock / dirty blues since 2010 and have just released a self-titled 10 track album. ‘Stone Rising’ showcases a highlight reel of sorts, featuring a mix of original crowd favourites and a few more recently written songs. ‘Hell Yeah’ is the album’s highlight, a punchy rock anthem that gets the job done in under three minutes, even leaving time for a shredding guitar solo. For more shredding skip to track nine ‘Already Gone’ and for more anthemic vibes head to the album’s eight minute closer ‘Long Hard Road’.


Babe Rainbow Have Your Summer Soundtrack Sorted

Everybody’s favourite psychedelic surfer dudes Babe Rainbow have released their third full-length album titled ‘Today’. Ever since their 2014 breakout hit ‘Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest’ (which could also be the greatest song name of all time) the band have been growing in popularity at a steady rate. Over the past twelve months we’ve been given three tracks from the new album including ‘Morning Song’, ‘Something New’ and ‘Many Moons Of Love’ all of which carry the heavy influence of 60s acoustic psychedelica mixed with a healthy dose of salty sea air. Just in time for summer there’s no doubt ‘Today’ will be the soundtrack for many Gold Coast surf trips and/or late night deep thinking sessions.


Ivey Find Their New Sound

Ivey are on fire at the moment. Over the past three months the Gold Coast five-piece have released two hugely popular singles, created stunning videos for both, turned heads at their BIGSOUND showcase and headlined a massive local show at Elsewhere. Their latest release ‘Talk Talk’ sees the band delve even deeper into their newly found electronic-pop sound, favouring synths and samples over live instruments. There’s a level of comfort shown on ‘Talk Talk’ that hasn’t been evident on the band’s previous releases since changing up their sound last year. Ivey have successfully combined the old with the new here, developing their sound into something more mature and we can’t wait to hear what’s next.


Beckah Amani’s ‘One’ Is A Stunner

Beckah Amani lets loose on her new single ‘One’ showcasing an unbelievable vocal range and the talent for writhing a quality song. Drawing influence from alternative folk, soul and R’N’B, Beckah Amani succeeds in her aim to deliver a unique sound, capturing the key sensibilities from all of her influences. ‘One’ is intimate and honest, delivered with passion and it’s an absolute stunner. Easily one of the best releases to come out of the Gold Coast this month.


Verum Release Fuzz-Driven Debut Single

Heavy guitars seem to be the flavour of the month this October on the Gold Coast and Verum are well and truly sticking to the theme with their fuzz-driven debut single ‘Placebo’. Taking a lo-fi approach akin to contemporaries such as Polish Club, the single sits firmly between rockabilly blues and modern day rock. Lyrically the track is about optimism and maintaining a positive headspace when the world tries to get you down. This is a sentiment well and truly displayed in the accompanying video clip where the band look like they’re having the time of their lives. You can catch Verum spreading their positive vibes on 25 October at Rompa Room in Nerang.


Rapid Fire From Atticus Chimps

Atticus Chimps (pictured) are back with another massive sounding single this month called ‘Social Anaesthetic’. The extended intro sets the scene for this head-banger reflecting on its incarnation as a purely instrumental track inspired by John Frusciante and Josh Homme riffs. According to the band, the song is about substance abuse and feeling like you can’t truly be comfortable unless you’re under the influence. Dark subject matter delivered by emotion filled rock vocals similar to that of a young Daniel Johns ‘Anaesthetic’ gets the point across and leaves you wanting more. See what all the fuss is about at their show on 27 September at Rompa Room in Nerang.

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