New Gold Coast Music: September 2020

The first day of Spring brings with it a renewed sense of hope, a feeling of anticipation of long beach days, explosions of colour and lazy Sundays in the sunshine. If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrack to complement your sunny September days, you’ll need look no further than your own neighbourhood, with talented Gold Coast musicians churning out an abundance of tasty new tunes. Here is just a taste of what’s been offered up this month, as always, curated by our own Zac Fahey.


The Wonderful World Of Tomi Gray

Tomi Gray’s EP ‘The Funky Art Of Scrimping’ will put a smile on your face if nothing else will this month. The opener ’Darryls Big Plans’ lists all the bizarre homely chores old mate Darryl has planned for the day over a fast paced double bass driven Jazz rhythm. ‘Crack Pot Pete’s Paper Bag Gang’ is a frantic in all senses of the word while ‘Bats’ is a slow ballad about flying nocturnal creatures featuring only vocal, piano and harmonica. Press play; take a deep breath and step into the wild and wonderful mind of Tomi Gray.


The Shambolics’ Hard Hitting Return

The Shambolics seem to have temporarily shaken off their alt-country roots with the release of ‘Achilles Heel’, the hard hitting first single since the band’s 2019 debut album ‘Be Careful What You Wish For’. Written about dragging down the person you love despite your best efforts to do the opposite, the track is dark and dirty at its core. Distorted harmonica over tough, bass-heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums set the scene while Graham Ashton’s signature baritone vocal injects further grit into an intense musical expression. You can catch the band launching the single live on September 13 (pending updated COVID restrictions) at Mo’s Desert Clubhouse.


IVEY’s Super Hit In The Making

Local darlings IVEY have released their third single of 2020 – ‘Fall Apart’ – and it’s tracking to be one of their most successful to date. Already receiving tens of thousands of online streams, the song follows a smooth dancehall-style rhythm reminiscent of super-hits like Ed Sheeran’s ‘Shape Of You’ and Drake’s ‘One Dance’. Slick production and clever, hook heavy songwriting help tell the story of a troublesome relationship long past. ‘Fall Apart’ is an exciting taste of what’s to come from Ivey’s EP to be released later this year.


Take A Trip With ELEEA

April’s cover star Eleea has given us the second installment of ’The Travel Collection’ anthology this month with her new single ’Space’. Originally written after a long-term relationship breakup in an 1800’s apartment during a getaway in remote NSW, the single paints a picture of heartbreak and new beginnings. Beautifully recorded by local production heavyweight Brad Hosking and accompanied by an excellent video (below) ’Space’ showcases Eleea for the world-class talent that she is.


DisKust Have Resurfaced

Local Nu-Metal heavyweights DisKust have blasted our heads off this month with their brand new single ‘Resurfaced’. The release could come as a pleasant surprise to fans after the band recently announced that they were permanently breaking up. However, it seems DisKust quickly resolved their issues and have taken out their frustrations on this wonderfully brutal sounding comeback single. Check out the terrifying video below for the full experience.


Hammers Kick Goals

Hammers will have you head banging and air guitaring all night long with their brutally honest rock/metal EP ‘Kicking Goals’. With tracks titles like ’Silly Sausage’ and ‘Cracker Night’ delivered through spoken word Aussie accented vocals it’s obvious that Hammers don’t take themselves too seriously. However, when listening closely to the bands technically proficient musicality, slick production and intricate vocal harmonies there is not doubt that this talented four-piece have put a lot of time into recording ‘Kicking Goals’. An absolute beauty of an EP here from Hammers.


Michael McCartney Hits Half Way

One of the Gold Coast’s most exciting new artists Michael McCartney has delivered his second EP for 2020 this month, marking the half way point in his mammoth 12 month release plan. ‘Sweet Side Of Love’ is a guitar driven, indie-pop dreamscape, bursting with catchy melodies and driving rhythms that will have you dancing in your… socially isolated circle. Highlight tracks include the ’War By Peaceful Means’ which showcases McCartney’s vocal diversity and the swaggering lead single ‘Perfect Crime’ with its unsuspecting, off kilter chorus. It’s safe to say that Michael McCartney has us on the hook; we’re looking forward to hearing what’s next.


Veople Deliver Full Throttle Statement

Veople are on a mission to blow your mind with their massive new singe ‘Maverick’. With everything set to 11, Veople rightfully describe the track as their boldest, loudest and most intense statement to date. Led by a man possessed on the drums the fully instrumental ‘Maverick’ powers forward with the help of wild synth sounds and some impressive electric guitar parts. Feel free to skip your morning coffee and take a hit of Veople’s ‘Maverick’ to get you pumped for the day ahead.


Leaving Jordan’s Promising Debut

Brand new local outfit Leaving Jordan recently re-connected after finishing school and have just gifted us with their first ever single ‘Heir’. Blending anthemic rock with guitar driven emo-pop, the track also channels some of the relaxed coastal vibes that the young four-piece grew up around. An super catchy and promising start for Leaving Jordan here.


Mardi Wilson’s Heartfelt Classic

Mardi Wilson does not hold back on her latest offering ‘Part Time Lover’, baring all in a well-written ‘F you’ to a previous partner. Channeling the raw storytelling delivery of artists like Alex The Astronaut and Courtney Barnett, Mardi Wilson brings her own, more melody driven approach to the table here with ‘Part Time Lover’. Beautifully delivered vocals and lush production help paint a real picture in the listener’s mind for this heartfelt classic.


Sycloner’s Alt-Pop Banquet

Gold Coast alt-pop staples Sycloner have just released their fourth EP since 2018 titled ‘Running Interference’ and it does not disappoint. Opening with the acoustic melancholy of ‘Right Here’ the EP picks up the pace substantially with the guitar driven, synth washed ‘Awful’ and continues to deliver through to the low-fi Queens Of The Stone Age-esq head banging closer ‘Worry Well’. ‘Running Interface’ is a diverse banquet of catchy rock and alt-pop goodness.


Cassie Kendal’s Open Letter

Cassie Kendal has introduced herself to us this month with her debut single ‘Elevator Selfie’. Written as an open letter to a former partner, the song tackles the toxic nature self image on social media and how it can ruin relationships. Reminiscent of an early Lily Allen track, ‘Elevator Selfie’ is pop at its core but manages keep a raw edge through its honest lyrical content and brazen vocal delivery.


OMRA’s Stripped Back Pop Stunner

OMRA has added yet another shiny pop ballad to her growing repertoire with the recent release of ‘Hold Me With Your Eyes’. A mostly stripped back arrangement, the single is driven by a piano part, twisting and turning seamlessly through vastly different musical sections led fearlessly by OMRA’s impressive vocals. ‘Hold Me With Your Eyes’ is a well-written track that stands tall despite not having all the production bells and whistles of a traditional mainstream pop song.


Amy Elise Hits Her Stride

Over the past 12 months Amy Elise seems to have transformed from an acoustic singer-songwriter to a powerful pop-rock queen. Her latest offering ‘Stop N Think’ sees Elise really hit her stride in the rock format. With early Arctic Monkeys riff-based guitar hooks, foot-to-the-floor drums and lyrical attitude to match, Amy Elise is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with.


San Mei’s Tragic Pop Gem

Gold Coast favorite San Mei has hit us with a heart-wrenching new single this month – ‘Midnight’. Showcasing her signature glossy indie-pop production style, the song dives into emotions of grief while processing the feelings of losing her mother. San Mei explains – “I wrote the chorus lyrics ‘go sweetly, out into the night’ as a sentiment of letting go, because I decided I didn’t want to keep trying to hold on to something I wasn’t going to get back.” ‘Midnight’ is a beautiful tribute, so grab the tissues and press play.


Saint Barae takes us to the Edge of Nowhere

Self proclaimed synthpop shapeshifter Saint Barae is at it again with his synth soaked freshie ‘Edge Of Nowhere’. The single is bursting with emotion, telling the story of songwriter Josh Bell’s struggles with self worth in the midst of a struggling relationship. Classy production beautifully complements Saint Barae’s heart wrenching vocal performance, creating a emotive listening experience. ‘Edge Of Nowhere’ is one of those special kinds of songs that’s catchy enough to get you dancing but deep enough to get you thinking.


Raw Deep Uncover Treachery

Raw Deep have outdone themselves this month with their fantastic new single ‘Treachery’. Written about intense disappointment and betrayal from a so-called friend the song does well to express these emotions both lyrically and musically. Smoky vocals, full synth sounds and tasteful guitar parts are topped off with an unexpected yet perfectly timed sax solo to create an all-round winner from the local four-piece.


Donny Love’s Positive Internet-ing

Local favourite party band and unsuspecting fashion icons Donny Love have developed quite the cult following over the past few years for their quirky indie/psych sound. Their latest offering ‘Boredom Pills’ is the first taste of the band’s forthcoming sophomore album and is a blatant social commentary on 21st century social media use. Staying true to their creative spirit the band took to their socials when recording the track asking fans to submit backing vocals for the chorus. The submissions were mixed together and used in a process that the now band call ‘positive internet-ing’. Clever stuff here from Donny Love.


BB factory’s COVID Safe Anthem

BB Factory are not letting COVID restrictions limit their ability to deliver quality live performances with the release of their new single ‘Keep Yo Mamma’, recorded live at Clockwork Studios on the Gold Coast. A riff-heavy stomper of track complete with a message about social distancing, ‘Keep Yo Mamma’ is a front-runner for Gold Coast’s COVID-safe anthem. One of only a few acts that can boast upcoming live shows, BB Factory are scheduled to play at Mitchell Creek Rock n’ Blues Festival on 18-20 September alongside a host of other quality Queensland artists.


Jodie-Joy Hitches A Free Ride

With a lifetime of songwriting and life performance under her belt already, Jodie-Joy is continuing to deliver the goods with her latest single ‘Free Ride’ and accompanying video. Produced by US born legendary guitarist Louie Shelton who now calls the Gold Coast home, ‘Free Ride’ was inspired by empowered women finding strength and freedom while loving the journey. You can watch Jodie-Joy hitching a dangerously free ride on the back of a motorbike in the recently released video clip featured below.


Want More New Music?

These past few months we’ve seen more local music being released than ever! For more golden nuggets check out the fine selection below:

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Josh King ‘Strangers’

Mitch King ‘Feel Worthy’

Stephanie Cherote ‘What Becomes Of The Things I’ve Seen?’

The Ninth Chapter ‘The Way I was Born’

Atlamer’s Muse ‘AlcoTrance’

Boatkeeper ‘Breach’

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