New Gold Coast Music: Summer 2019

Fresh from our page to your ears, here are some of the hottest tunes to come out of the Gold Coast and surrounds of late.


Marvelous Rock From Super Nudist

Super Nudist are rounding out the year with their third single release of 2019 ‘Over The Rainbow’, a live favorite with a huge chorus that builds into a crescendo of marvelous, raucous rock noise. With songs like ‘Over The Rainbow’, it’s no surprise that Super Nudist are developing a loyal fan base which is only set to grow in 2020. Keep an eye on the band’s socials for info on where you can catch them perform next.

Natalie Pearson’s Pop-Country Goodness

Natalie Pearson’s ‘Plan B’ serves up more pop-country goodness for this month’s swag of new releases. Written over a few glasses of wine with fellow writers Jake Sinclair and Lucas Austen, ‘Plan B’ is a feel-good track with an empowering message of self-worth. It’s catchy, well produced and has all the elements of a pop-country hit. There’s no doubt Natalie Pearson will be turning heads with her performances at the upcoming Tamworth Country Music in January, setting her up for a stellar 2020.

Bianca Power Unleashes Her Sound

After recently graduating with a Bachelor Of Music, Bianca Power (pictured) is ready to unleash her sound to the masses. Her first-ever single ‘Blood On Your Shoes’ was written about self-liberation, newfound confidence and never looking back. A quality debut with effortless flow, classy production and smooth vocals gives us a small taste of what’s to come from this extremely talented young lady.

Alisha Todd Says Stop Adani

After spending close to a year writing and recording music in the studio, Alisha Todd has emerged triumphant with her new single ‘Chaos’. It’s a powerful synth-driven track commenting on the current social and natural crises. In particular, ‘Chaos’ was written as a reaction to the approval of the Adani Carmichael Mine on the land of the Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners. You can see her captivating live performance on 12 December at The Treehouse In Byron Bay.

Ivey Finish The Year With A Scream

Ivey are topping of a massive year with the release of yet another dance-floor hit ’Scream’, a sad song hidden within a happy beat. The single sees the band venture even deeper into their newfound electronic-pop sound, which isn’t such a bad thing when they do it so well. The release comes alongside the announcement of Ivey’s third annual end of year party, which will be held at Miami Marketta on 15 December.

Chavez Cartel Release Second EP for 2019

’Confidence Is All I’m Taking Home’ is the second EP release this year from prolific Gold Coast grunge lords Chavez Cartel. The dark, Marilyn Manson-inspired lead single ’Love On The Run’ is a clear stand out, while ‘For Better Or Worse’ allows space for some epic guitar solo moments. The closing track ‘See You Again’ is a live, stripped back acoustic version of a fan favorite and really displays Chavez Cartel’s ability as all round musicians and impressive songwriters.

Brett Voss Brings Guitar Pop Gems

Brett Voss’ EP ‘Inside’ is a seamless collection of new-wave influenced indie guitar pop gems. Jangly layered guitars and anthemic choruses lead the way on this snappy four track release which gets the job done in just over 12 minutes. Highlight tracks include the uplifting opener ‘Inside’ and the punchy ‘Either Way’.

Brook Chivell Is A Fearless Rider

Gold Coast county music heartthrob Brook Chivell has just released the soaring title track from his forthcoming album ‘Fearless Rider’. It’s an extremely well written song that any music fan can enjoy, edging more towards classic rock than country. After impressing local crowds during his appearance on the main stage at this year’s Groundwater County Music Festival, let’s hope Chivell has plans for a Gold Coast album launch following his Tamworth shows in January.

Adam Shannon’s Vintage Blues

Ahead of several Queensland support slots for The Animals, Gold Coast troubadour Adam Shannon has released his vintage sounding blues EP ‘Minor Confusion’. Taking a no-frills approach to writing and recording, the EP is raw and straight to the point. You can catch Adam at Twin Towns on 14 December opening for The Animals.

Lily Papas Has A Wild Future

Not only is Lily Papas debut single ‘Wild’ musically impressive but she’s also managed to put a pretty mind blowing team behind her in preparation for her forthcoming album. The 22 year old Broadbeach veterinary nurse has recently signed a label deal with Universal Music, finished recording her debut album in LA, has been embraced by luxury fashion label DIOR and was featured on a promo for channel 7’s Home and Away. With a sound mingling between London Grammar and Lana Del Ray and style to match, Lily Papas is set to be Gold Coast’s next Amy Shark.

First Ever Release From Bold Friend

Brand new Gold Coast band Bold Friend have just released their first ever single ‘The Grace Of My King’. Impressive for a debut release, the pop ballad showcases immense vocal range and mature musical composition. The band members all come from religious upbringings and the lyrics touch on faith and the community.

Peach Fur’s Multi-Part Psych Masterpiece

Local psych-surf-pop favorites Peach Fur have outdone themselves with their new single ‘Aliens’. The track is a multi-part psych masterpiece that effortlessly weaves its way through shifting beats, rhythms and tempo changes. Where most musically technical songs tend to loose their pop sensibilities, ‘Aliens’ proves the exception. It’s the kind of song that will impress music nerds and everyday music fans alike as well as keeping the crowd dancing at a live show. You can catch them performing at Ivey’s end of year party at Miami Marketta Sunday 15 December.

The Wait Is Over For Sally Sa’s Debut Album

After over 15 years of song writing and a mammoth 18-month recording process, Sally Sa has just released her magnificent debut album ‘Speaking My Mind’. Stylistically the album ranges from the blues anthem ‘Freedom’ to the reggae fuelled ‘Hourglass’ all the while staying true to her R&B roots and jazz influenced vocal style with tracks like ‘Burgundy’ and ‘Hip Hop Lover’. Recorded by fellow Gold Coaster Benny D Williams with collaborations from several other local musicians such as Glenn Bloomfield, ‘Speaking My Mind’ is a pure Gold Coast beauty.

Emph N Treats Debut EP Does Not Disappoint

Local hip-hop outfit Emph N Treats have been releasing mix tapes, destroying stages and gathering a loyal following for the past 12 years. The band’s first official EP ‘The Speakeasy’ does not disappoint, offering a banquet of smooth 90’s inspired tracks with a modern edge and some powerful messages. Opening track ‘Fools Gold’ and it’s accompanying video tells a tale of modern day greed and the illusion of wealth with help from the Queensland Theatre of Puppetry. An amazing video and an excellent EP from these local legends of the hip-hop scene.

OMG It’s Phoebe Sinclair

‘OMG’ is the glistening new pop banger from former Gold Coast Music Awards finalist Phoebe Sinclair. Written while sitting on her driveway after a moment of clarity, the single sees Sinclair taking ownership of her mistakes whilst not letting them define her. Powerful lyrics paired with strong songwriting and beautiful production is a recipe for success. After playing the original version of ’OMG’ at full volume in your living room be sure to give the stripped back version a spin on headphones to really appreciate the track in all its glory.

Emotion Killer Release An Awesomely Terrifying Single

Tweed Heads’ finest metal band Emotion Killer have busted onto the scene with their awesomely terrifying new single ‘Vultures’. Fast paced, distorted, heavy and full of screaming vocals, it features everything you want from a proper death metal track. The release comes ahead of the band’s heavily anticipated forthcoming debut EP (out early 2020) which they’ve been perfecting in the studio for over two years.

The Goldhearts Are Back

After three years in hibernation, the much loved 90’s guitar rock inspired Gold Coast band The Goldhearts are back with the release of their new EP ‘Be Strong, Be Brave’. Brimming with guitar hooks and catchy melodies, this EP is a celebration of overcoming the challenges that life presents the band as individuals and as women who write and play music. We gave the lead single ‘Be Brave’ a great wrap in issue 67 but other highlights include ’Stars’ and the more stripped back rock ballad ‘Road Roam’.

BoWsER End The Hiatus

BoWsER are another band that we’re more than happy to see coming off a lengthy hiatus this month. Pioneers of their own ‘Volcanic Rock’ sub-genre, the band have just released ‘People In The TV’, a beefy, riff heavy track that sits somewhere between the styles of Queens Of The Stone Age and early Muse. Lyrically ‘People In The TV’ is an exploration of paranoia and mental health in the digital age, providing a commentary about the influence of multi-media and those that would seek to control us. Keep an eye on BoWsER as they’re set to release a full-length album in the coming months.

Benny D Williams’ Soundtrack To The Gold Coast

Much loved Gold Coast musician Benny D Williams is a busy man. Not only does he play multiple shows per week while producing records for fellow Gold Coast artists such as Sally Sa he’s also been chipping away at his own concept album ‘Cities Of Gold’. The Album is a 12 track musical journey reflecting on Williams’ life growing up on the Gold Coast. It infuses classic Benny D Williams sounds such as acoustic guitars, harmonica and djembe with newer electronic elements inspired by his more recent love for studio production. It’s a record full of catchy and interesting Gold Coast-centric anthems. Check out our full review and interview in this edition.

Amy Elise Transforms Her Sound

At only 15 years of age, Amy Elise has already recorded music in Nashville and made a significant musical transition from solo acoustic to pop-rock. Her latest single ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ solidifies the transition and sees Elise draw inspiration from fellow ass-kicking female front women such as Alex Lahey and Ali Barter. Recorded with the man of the moment Benny D Williams, ‘Ctrl Alt Delete’ is the first release from a body of work to be released in the coming months. Catch Amy Elise on 12 December at Expressive Ground in Elanora.

Atlamer’s Muse Don’t Love You

Atlamer’s Muse are unlike any other band on the Gold Coast. They draw inspiration from just about everywhere, mixing genres and diverse styles together to somehow create a sound that’s cohesive and strangely addictive. Their latest offering ‘Don’t Love You’ has a Latin/Caribbean feel which the duo combine with their trademark industrial electronic sounds and falsetto vocals. ‘Don’t Love You’ is refreshingly different.

Gratis Minds are Fearless

Just six weeks after the release of their last single ‘Stride’ which we raved about in the last issue, Gratis Minds have graced fans with yet another track. ‘Fearless’ takes more of a low-key approach and is centered around a piano sample, highlighting the smooth vocal flow of the three MC’s. Lyrically the song speaks of experiencing the hurdles of life, as well as the mental strength needed to move through the music industry. Judging by the quality of these two recent releases Gratis Minds will be ones to watch in 2020.

Alexander William’s Stunning Debut Album

Alexander William’s debut record ‘Goodbye My Darling, My Darling Goodbye’ is something special and will surely take your breath away. Centered around acoustic guitar and storytelling, the album seems to take a ‘less is more’ approach, focusing on space and letting quality songwriting shine through. Highlights include the delicate touch of ‘Calling To Her’, the emotive ’God Bygone’ and the acoustic folk familiarity of ‘How Shall We Pretend’.

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