New Landcare Group launches on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast’s newest Landcare Group will launch next month, with a community BBQ and presentation about Beachcare.

Burleigh to Surfers Landcare Group was formed by a group of people living between the two iconic beaches, who share a passion for dune protection and taking action.

Melanie Brennan, the group president said that Landcare has always been about involving people in hands-on activities.

“We’re just everyday Gold Coasters,” Melanie said. “But we care very much about the state of our beaches and we really want to do something about educating people about dune systems as well as improving the beaches we use.”

“Our launch event will be short and sharp. We’ll have a special presentation by Joel Hays from Beachcare and then we’ll chat about the dune ecosystem we’re going to be taking care of.”

The group has been allocated a location in front of the Miami Tavern at the end of Kelly Avenue, Miami to take care of over coming years. Activities will include planting dune species, litter clean-ups, weed removal and community education. The group already has a core team of 15 volunteers.

“When we formed last year, we were able to gather a group of 15 people who are really keen to get their hands dirty and look after a local patch of beach,” Melanie said. “But this launch event will allow anyone in the local community to come and learn about landcare, our group and what our plans are for the future.”

Geoff Penton, Chair Landcare Queensland sent congratulations on the group’s launch.

“We have nearly 300 Landcare groups around Queensland,” he said. “And we’re thrilled to have a new landcare group on the Gold Coast focussing on important dune ecosystems.”

The event takes place Saturday 1 February from 9.00am – 10.00am at the end of Kelly Avenue, Miami. RSVP for catering purposes to or phone 0421 252 153 for more information.

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