New Music: July 2021

Intellectually we know the year is half over, but we can’t really believe it. What a year it’s been so far for new local releases, though! If the second half is anything like the first, we’re up for some absolute bangers. Here’s a bunch of July crackers for your soon-to-be-grateful ears.

Saint Lane Is On Top Of His Game

Local rap artist Saint Lane’s ever-evolving style and growing persona within the Australian music scene is a joy to watch. His latest single ‘Toothbrush’ is led by a charming guitar progression backed by low-fi beats and his signature free-flowing, direct vocal flow. Inspired by a story told by an Uber driver then penned directly after arriving at the studio, the track is oozing with the kind of confidence and creative energy typical of an artist who has mastered their craft.

Local Safari Continue To Impress

Local Safari are continuing to impress us with yet another excellent single this month ‘Felicity’. Bringing more of the classic indie rock that band are known for, ’Felicity’ hits a little harder than previous releases featuring a driving rhythm section, glistening guitars and a banger of a chorus melody. Drawing influence from fellow Gold Coast bands, Local Safari mix the pop vocals of Ivey with the nostalgic rock vibes of Eliza and the Delusionals to create their own uniquely Gold Coast sound.

Salt and Steel Step Outside The Box

Salt and Steel are keeping this month’s batch of new music releases nice and diverse with their foot stomping, head banging folk rock single ‘Mountain’. Inspired by Mother Earth and her formidable force, the track manages to seamlessly contrast mellow, percussive sections with heavy guitar riffs and meaty drums reflecting the beauty and power of the planet’s elements. One part John Butler one part Stonefield, Salt and Steel have stepped outside the box with this single and come out with something truly special.

Lo-Fi Fun With The Goldhearts

Vastly different from anything else you’ll hear coming out of the Gold Coast this month, ’Verona With a V’ is the latest offering from Gold Coast favourites The Goldhearts. Channeling the low-fi fun of bands like PJ Harvey and The Breeders, ’Verona With a V’ tells the tale of cruel and relentless bullying of a teenager named Corona by the mean girl Verona. Bright hooky guitar riffs, catchy melodies and thrashing drums come together for a truly enjoyable, fun loving romp of a track that gets the job done in under three minutes.

Bianca Power’s smooth new groove

Bianca Power has teamed up with Melbourne-based music collective ON3 Studio to release silky smooth RnB flavoured new single ‘Like You’. The groove-heavy, slow paced track showcases Bianca’s effortlessly cool vocals and knack for cleaver songwriting without the need for too much over production or musical layering. Working with ON3 Studio and Melbourne based animator Angus George during the height of COVID the team did well to create a beautiful accompanying video for this cracker of a song.

Jason McGregor’s Slick Country Co-write

Jason McGregor is flying the flag for country releases in this issue with his true blue Aussie anthem ‘That’s Why We’re Here’. Co-written while on tour with county legend Adam Brand, the track reflects on the reason why musicians get on the road and spread their music far and wide. Recorded with Scott French at Love Street Studios on the Gold Coast then given a pop/country glaze with mixing and mastering by Luke Wooten in Nashville ‘That’s Why We’re Here’ stacks up against against any big country single doing the rounds in Australia right now. Super slick stuff here from Jason McGregor.

We All Drive’s Riffy Retrospective

We All Drive are back this month with their huge sounding single ‘Girrawheen Street’. Clearly finding influence from modern rock lords Royal Blood, the band do a good job of putting their own flavour on the riff based guitar / drum duo template that we all know and love. First penned when the band first formed many years ago the track is a retrospective piece on childhood and the bands current place in life. ‘Girrawheen Street’ is best consumed at full volume.

Athena Joy’s Escapist Journey

Athena Joy has given us a lot to wrap our ears around this month with the release of her brooding, dark-pop EP ‘Into The Wild’. Opening in style with an extended version of the commanding single ‘The Weekend’, the EP takes the listener on a journey of imagination and escapism through Athena’s luscious soundscapes. Other highlights include the triumphant chorus of ‘Sailin’, the emotive title track and the stripped back closer ‘Take Me Away’. Yet another super impressive release from a Gold Coast artist at the top of their game.

Geniie Boy Live Up To The Hype

When two of the Gold Coast’s finest musicians Alicia Todd and Scott French teamed to form Geniie Boy earlier this year expectations were understandably high. Now with the release of their second single ‘Bruises’ this month it’s safe to say that the duo have lived up to the hype. Taking a rockier approach than their debut, ‘Bruises’ is bursting with catchy melodies and seems to channel the winning formula of Aussie artists Alex Lahey and Alex The Astronaut. Written about finding your tribe it won’t be long until Geniie Boy has a tribe of their own.

Samskara Rad Keeps Things Weird

Prolific genre bender Samskara Rad has moved further into rap territory this month with the release of his new single ‘Nite Tide’. With a glitchy club-ready beat and auto tuned melodies Samskara Rad takes the modern rap/R&B formula and puts his own, off kilter, psychedelic mark on it. Accompanied by a truly unique video Samskara Rad ‘Nite Tide’ is an experience worth diving into head first.

Buttered Set The Bar High

Buttered have blown our minds with the release of their absolute gem of a single ‘Love’. A wonderfully written, grove heavy track, ‘Love’ displays the band’s talents as vocalists and proficient instrumentalists. The songwriting duo teamed up with a full band to deliver an equally impressive live version which you can watch via their socials. Easily the strongest Gold Coast release this month.

daste. Can Do No Wrong

daste. are teasing us with yet another brilliant single from their forthcoming album with the laidback duet ‘holding on to you’. Featuring the intimate guest vocal of Brisbane artist Uhkirra and a subtle strings accompaniment the track shows tinges of modern folk sounds channeling artists like Bon Iver and Harry Styles. Showcasing depth in diversity and more masterful songwriting it seems like daste. can do no wrong.

Jackson Dunn’s Blues Rock Belter

Jackson Dunn has managed to convert his infectious live energy into a belter of a new single this month. ‘Feel My Lingo’ is a heavy hitting blues rock track with a foot stomping beat, dirty guitar sounds and commanding, distorted vocals. With an equally energetic accompanying video featuring Jackson shredding on a twin necked guitar ‘Feel My Lingo’ is the first of a string of upcoming releases for this one-of-a-kind Gold Coast artist.

Tijuana Cartel Are Back In Action

Tijuana Cartel are continuing their resurgence with the release of ‘Acid Pony’, their seventh full length album to date. Featuring classic Tijuana Cartel jams with brilliant guitar work and worldly inspired rhythm sections the record also delves into to some straight up electronica with the low key club banger ‘Over And Over’ and the euphoric ‘Minimal Stuffing’. Currently at the beginning of a huge 20+ date national tour, Tijuana Cartel are well and truly back in action. You can catch them performing as a part of SPRINGTIME in Surfers Paradise on the first weekend in September.

Syrup, Go On Refine Their Sound

After solidifying themselves among the Australian music scene in 2019 with their fantastic full bodied album ‘Last Light’, syrup, go, on are back with another dreamy pop offering ‘Lavender Sky’. Taking 2020 to refine their sound, the band wrote an entire second full length album then scrapped it completely before finding themselves satisfied with the new direction. Introducing more electronic elements than previous material, ‘Last Light’ still leads with the strong vocal performance and catchy guitar hooks that syrup, go, on are known for. Catch them performing live at Burleigh Bazaar on 3 July.


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