New music: June 2021

Can you believe it’s June already?? Clearly it’s time to snuggle up under your fave blankie, grab a hot chocolate and warm up to the hottest new tunes from local talent.

Eliza & The Delusionals’ 90’s Nostalgia

After playing their first Gold Coast show in well over a year at HOTA’s gallery opening, Eliza & The Delusionals have kicked back into gear with the release of their new single ‘YOU’. Taking a poppier approach than previous releases, ‘YOU’ was released alongside a killer video that channels the nostalgic late 90s style that all of the band’s music seems to radiate. With a massive tour alongside The Vanns about to kick off, Eliza & The Delusionals are set to fly the flag for Gold Coast music around the country once again.

ELEEA Takes You To Spain

ELEEA will help cure your unquenchable wanderlust with her new single ‘Red Wine’. As another installment of her anthology of songs inspired her backpacking adventures around the world titled ‘The Travel Collection’, ‘Red Wine’ is about Spain, seeing the magical sunset at San Sebastian beach and passionate flamenco performances in Madrid. Again teaming up with local production wizard Brad Hosking, ELEEA’s latest single is rich with sound but places her commanding vocals front and center where it belongs.

Jxdah’s Impressive Hip-Hop Blend

Fresh hip-hop talent Jxdah has knocked it out of the park with his latest offering ‘White Tee’ this month. Mixing the rawness of the hip-hop sub genre known as drill with a fresher pop / Drake style influence, Jxdah adds his award winning flow to this impressively complex and diverse track. Clearly spending a lot of time perfecting his sound in the studio ‘White Tee’ is the kind of track that unveils new intricacies and subtle changes the more you listen.

Tully John & Liza-Jane Continue To Impress

Tully John & Liza-Jane are continuing their slow burn of quality single releases with their newbie ‘Hunger’. Starting strong with a powerful verse by Liza-Jane backed only by an unassuming acoustic guitar, the song evolves naturally into something grand and triumphant with the help of some excellent studio production. With the promise of a forthcoming EP this year, Tully John & Liza-Jane’s music just seems to get better with every release which has us excited for what’s to come.

Dawn of Dusk’s Distorted Goodness

90’s rock inspired local outfit Dawn Of Dusk have served up a heavy dose of distorted goodness this month with the release of their latest album ‘Flight Trajectory’. Opening with their wonderfully dirty riff based lead single ‘Minority’ the album continues down a gravelly path with the Perl Jam-esque pace of ‘One Sided’ and the thrashing rhythms of ’Lucky Stars’. Backing up the album releases with a big run of album launch shows including June 26 at Vinnie’s Dive Dawn of Dusk are ready to lift the roof of a venue near you. Check out our interview with the guys in this month’s edition.

Heavy Wax Loosen Things Up

Fresh off the back of their impressive Blues On Broadbeach set, Heavy Wax are continuing their high with the release of ‘Bourbon St. Swindler’. Renowned for mixing genres, the single blends elements Rock, Soul, Funk and Reggae led by a hook heavy horn section that wouldn’t sound out of place on an early Cat Empire track. With a carefree, spontaneous nature to the recording ‘Bourbon St. Swindler’ sees Heavy Wax loosen things up a little more than their previous singles and it really works for them.

Mia Muze’s Stylistic Curveball

Mia Muze has thrown a stylistic curveball at us this month with the release of her bold new single ‘Got It Wrong’. One part deep grimy techno one part quirky plastic pop, the track seems to flow surprisingly well and is delivered in the kind of confident carefree manner that will get you on board with its obscurity. Check out Mia’s Spotify for even more musical diversity.

DENNIS. Delivers A Modern Pop Gem

After a stand out live performance at HOTA’s Echoes of Gold gallery opening, DENNIS. is continuing her momentum with the release of a stunning new single ‘Stuck In My Ways’. Powerful vocal melodies sit front and center on this well written modern pop gem with some clever production qualities to match. A love song written about moving in with a partner for the first time ‘Stuck In My Ways’ is bursting with charm and is DENNIS.’ strongest single to date.

Mitch King Reconnects

Local favorite Mitch King has found his form this month with beautiful acoustic guitar driven single ‘Passing Phase’. Slowly building from a campfire jam to a fully-fledged band track, Mitch King tells the story of overcoming a dark time in his life with positivity and connecting with nature. Probably his strongest single to date, ‘Passing Phase’ has the potential to join some of his other hugely popular songs in the multi-million Spotify streams club.

Cassie Kendal’s Anti-Love Anthem

Cassie Kendal has followed up her ‘Elevator Selfie’ debut with the anti-love anthem ‘Never Been in Love’. Recorded in Sydney at Skeet Music studios the track is brought to life with layers of production and classic pop vocals that you’ll be humming in your head all day. An autobiographical piece about the pressures of trying to find love and constantly failing, Cassie Kendal manages to bring a carefree notion to some troubling emotional turmoil.

Izzy Day’s Refreshing Approach

Izzy Day hits the sweet spot this month with her soul soothing new single ‘Silence’. With a refreshingly modern approach to folk music, Izzy blends the raw elements of guitar and vocal with an ambient electronic backing to create a truly unique experience. Haunting melodies flow beautifully with the accompanying video fittingly shot in a 100-year-old historic sugar mill in the hinterland of northern NSW.

Bella Paton Finds Her Place

Bella Paton is continuing to develop her sound with her nostalgic pop gem ‘Spacey’. Written about love and frustration at the state of the world, the track begins with a commanding a cappella vocal slowly developing into a rich body of sound with the help of some tactful production and clever instrumentation. One part Lorde one part Sarah Blasko, Bella Paton seems to be finding her place in the ever-diverse genre of contemporary pop.

Lemaire’s Got The Time Right

Lemaire has the time firmly fixed on 4:20pm with his new tune ’Two Puffs’. Featuring a guitar loop that wouldn’t sound out of place on a 1970s James Brown hit, the groove heavy backing track provides the perfect template for Lemaire’s cheeky tribute to Mary-Jane. Just his third single to date Lemaire has already established himself as major player in the local hip-hop scene and with the kind of confidence oozing from this single we can’t wait to see what’s next.

JOOLZ’s Energetic Collaboration

Former front-woman of the much loved local band Electrik Lemonade, JOOLZ has teamed up with Brisbane based indie pop songwriter-on-the-rise Katanak for their laid back duet ‘Sunday’. Mixing the raw elements of guitar driven indie rock with a sprinkle of commercial pop production, the track features the energetic hip-hop flare of JOOLZ and the charming guitar/vocal combo of Katanak’s previous work. A promising collab for two excellent artists in their own rights. Check out our interview with JOOLZ in this edition.

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