New music: May 2021

A chill has entered the air folks, which means it’s time to cozy up on your couch with a blankie and a hot chocolate, chuck on Spotify and warm up to these hot new tracks from our talented local artists.


Erin Foster Cures Birthday Blues

Erin Foster has broken away from her successful Karamilk moniker to release her debut solo single ‘Birthday’. A real DIY affair, the track was written and produced in her bedroom in response to her partner’s birthday blues. Lyrical themes of discontent and indecision set the mood for this darker, more authentic sound for Erin Foster with the help of some deep brooding synths and a steady mesmerising beat. Really great diversity from this young Gold Coast songwriter.

Out 7 May

Erban Refugee’s Rock Belter

Erban Refugee are serving up a delicious dish of meat and potatoes rock n’ roll for us this month with their hard hitting new single ‘apparition television’. Riffing distorted guitar and classic on-the-beat rock drums this rock belter is complete with anti-establishment lyrical content and gravelly Dave Grohl-esque vocals. Turn it up to 11.

Natalie Pearson’s Anthem For The Single

Local country-pop rising star Natalie Pearson has released her strongest single to date this month with the catchy, slickly produced track ‘Strong Man’. An anthem for the single sprit Natalie Pearson says “Not everyone is destined for wedding bells and white picket fences – why settle down when things are just warming up.” The track was originally planned for release at the beginning of 2020 then put on hold due to COVID, but Natalie Pearson seems to have everything back on track with a string of upcoming tour dates including an appearance at The Gympie Muster.

Out Soon

Joseph Vea Gets The Remix Treatment

Joseph Vea has given the closing track to his recent EP ‘Walls’ the remix treatment this month, working with Melbourne producer cartograph to create an upbeat cocktail lounge banger. Vea’s silky smooth vocals still lead the way but the track is re-imagined with the help of electronic drum patterns, heavy synths, some vocoder and a nice key change to finish. Stay tuned to Joseph Vea’s socials for more remixes to be released in the coming months.

The Oogars Make Their Mark

After not giving us any new material through 2020, The Oogars have certainly made their mark on 2021 with the release of two cracking songs in as many months. Their latest, ‘Waiting All Day’ is set to be the title track of the band’s forthcoming debut EP and sees the four-piece continue winding down the low-key psychedelic path of reverb-drenched guitar, droll vocals and thought-provoking lyrical content. With the chill of winter approaching, ‘Waiting All Day’ proves a ray of sunshine from a Californian summer.

Javan Kai’s Impressive Follow-up

Javan Kai has released the follow-up to his impressive 2020 debut single ‘Cigarettes and Red Wine’ with ’So Young’, a track that has been over two years in the making. Structured around a progressive acoustic guitar pattern the song gets the full band treatment building nicely into a powerful ballad reminiscent of a Dave Mathews track. One of four recorded with fellow musician turned producer Billy Otto in Byron, we are looking forward to hearing more from Javan Kai in the coming months.

Will Day Gets Countrified

Will Day is flying the flag for country music this month with his classic country rock jam ‘Countrified’. Singing of whisky, cowboy hats and honky-tonk together with soaring guitars and a foot stomping beat, Will Day is clearly channelling the anthemic vibes of Australian country superstar Keith Urban. With recent success on the country music charts for his previous singles and a string of upcoming festival dates 2021 seems to be shaping up nicely for this talented songwriter.

Tijuana Cartel Are Back

Tijuana Cartel have regrouped since the postponement of their album and seem to be back and better than ever with the release of their mind melting new single ‘Over and Over’ and a whopping 25 date national tour. Featuring all the goodies that we’ve come to love over the years including a hypnotic electronic beat and reverb heavy flamingo guitar, this single is setting the scene for one of the strongest releases of the year. Always a treat to see live you can catch Tijuana Cartel at Miami Marketta on 3 July.

Jakeycakes Strengthens His Repertoire

Easily one of the most talented year six students you’ll ever hear, Gold Coast singer-songwriter Jakeycakes has decided to add some original material to his repertoire of over 100 cover songs with the single ‘Going Slow’. The track dives into Jakey’s experience with bullying providing a rare and interesting artistic insight into the world of a 12-year-old behind an authentic Australian country twang. With an all star cast of collaborators behind the mixing and mastering Jakeycakes displays talent way beyond his years.

Tayiha Dreams Big

15-year-old singer-songwriter Tayiha is shooting for the stars with her latest single ‘Hollywood Dreamer’. Finding her sound from a vastly different array of influences including Lana Del Ray, Whitney Houston and Taylor Swift, the track is led by a rhythmic guitar part and driven by slick pop production. Written about finding success while staying true to herself, Tayiha has laid some solid foundations here on her path to superstardom.

Daste and Akurei’s Ear-Melting Collab

It’s collabs a plenty this month with yet another all-star Gold Coast team-up between low-key electronic music makers Daste and Akurei. Written about living for yourself instead of becoming what everybody expects you to be ’Exceptions’ sees Daste’s smooth, carefree production style intertwine with Akurei’s slinky guitar work and intimate vocals. Broken up with a clever, left-of-centre bridge at the halfway mark, ‘Expectations’ is a true flex from some of our best local songwriters.

San Mei’s Nostalgic Wall Of Sound

Local favourite San Mei has dropped yet another quality edgy pop rock banger this month ‘I Can’t Sleep’. Co-written with all-star songwriter Micah Jasper on a LA writing trip, ‘I Can’t Sleep’ sees Mei opening up about dealing with doubts and a constantly busy head space. Referencing influences from 90s grunge, San Mei tactfully blends distorted guitar sounds and heavy drums with modern production creating a progressive yet strangely nostalgic wall of sound that has her scoring praise from all over the world.

Match Made In Heaven

Two of the Gold Coast’s best pop music creators, Soft Nylon and Saint Barae have teamed up this month for the release of the smooth and hypnotic single ‘Hijacked’. Originally recorded by Soft Nylon as an instrumental demo the track was fleshed out with Saint Barae’s unmistakable emotive voice and lovesick lyrical content. Beautiful production, quality song writing and strong vocals makes this local collaboration a match made in heaven.


Bones Rivers’ Acoustic Jam

Bones Rivers is keeping things interesting this month with the release of the obscure, acoustic driven instrumental jam aptly titled ‘The Journey’. First written on stage during a performance the track harnesses spontaneity keeping the listener intreated from start to finish. Sounding like an extended guitar break at a John Butler Trio concert, this foot stomping single will take you back to the forgotten days of Byron Bay Blues Festivals past.

Stones Corner Club Express Fatherly Love

Stones Corner Club have released their first single from a string of upcoming releases with the heartfelt tribute ‘The Sweetest Flower’. Written about a father’s love for his young daughter, the track is slow paced and simplistic by design giving the listener time to reflect on the emotive lyrical content. Self-described as if ‘Brian Ferry dressed like Ziggy Stardust while driving a yellow submarine through a nightclub’, the track is certainly something different.

Parker Sounds’ No-Nonsense Rock

Parker Sounds have been drip feeding us music for the past 12 months and have now announced the release of their debut album alongside another solid single ‘Dangerous You Know’. With meaty electric guitar sounds, gravelly vocals and hard-hitting drums the track showcases the bands rock influences stepping further away from the acoustic sounds of their debut ‘Prison Cell’. Written in just ten minutes by lead singer Alick Kilsby, ‘Dangerous You Know’ was fleshed out in the studio with local producer Josh Beattie to create a classic, no nonsense rock track.

René Le Feuvre’s Undeniable Charm

Channelling the modern acoustic pop sounds of Passenger and Ed Sheeran, local rising star René Le Feuvre has added to his 2021 account with the polished single ‘Little Boy’. Complete with a simple yet effective accompanying video clip featuring a continuous shot of Rene getting annihilated by objects held by white gloved hands, the track is sure to lure you in with its catchy hooks and undeniable charm.

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