New Music: November 2020

This month’s Gold Coast and Northern Rivers new music list, curated as always by the delightful Zac Fahey, traverses the musical universe from the outer reaches of trippy electronica to the warm and comforting vibes of Aussie indie, with a handful of pop, punk and rock gems thrown in for good measure. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!


A Suburban Experience

Donny Love are getting us excited for their forthcoming sophomore album with the release of the saxophone-heavy, brooding indie slow burner ‘The Lights’. Described by the band as “an exploration of the Australian suburban experience” they manage to channel that classic Aussie nostalgia brought to prominence in recent years by artists like Courtney Barnett and Bad//Dreems. After lifting the roof off Miami Marketta with their show at the end of last month and an album Donny Love are claiming the end of 2020 as their own.

Daste’s Ecstatic Bop Remix

Daste are keeping the ball rolling this month with the release of yet another brilliant minimal electronic track. ‘JVLY – tacenda (Daste. remix)’ is the result of Newcastle based artists JVLY’s collaborative visit to Daste’s Gold Coast studio where the group spent a fruitful weekend producing music together. Harnessing the dark ambience and alluring slow groove of the original, Daste added their flavour by speeding up the tempo and reworking the arrangement, transforming it into what they describe as “ecstatic bop”.

It’s All Sunshine With Vallies

Vallies are finishing the year off strong with the release of their early noughties alt-rock inspired single ‘It’s All Sunshine’. Offering the technical proficiency of Incubus with the pure funk of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Vallies’ new single will have you flashing back to baggy pants and stinking hot Big Day Out festivals. ‘It’s All Sunshine’ displays the whole band’s high level of musicality but it’s the bass line that really steals the show here. So tune up your air bass guitar and hit play on this gem.

Ivey Give COVID-19 The Middle Finger

After releasing five singles and an EP within 12 months, Ivey seem to have given COVID the middle finger, turning 2020 into a super productive year against all odds. Fans may be a little disappointed with the fact that their anticipated EP only features one unfamiliar track ‘I Hate You’, but will no doubt be pleased once they hit play because it’s an absolute beauty. The 11 track EP titled ‘Love + Miscellanea’ features six previously released songs amongst a collection of reworkings, presenting an impressive body of work from the young Gold Coast stars. Check their socials for a new accompanying video and tour dates, and read our interview with them in this month’s mag.

Mitch King Takes Time To Listen

Only months after releasing the foot-stomping, riff-based blues track ‘Feel Worthy’, Mitch King is showing of his diversity with the stripped back new single ‘Two Ears’. Written about taking time to listen the chorus lyrics “two ears for listening, one mouth to talk” is a sentiment that really stuck with Mitch after a recent experience with a close friend and is one that most people could probably take on board right now. Sounding like a unique blend between Josh Pyke and Dean Lewis ‘Two Ears’ is sets the scene for what we expect to be a stunning forthcoming EP slated for release early 2021. Check out our interview with Mitch in this month’s mag.

Candice Dianna Brings The Flow

With a wide history of releases spanning across many different styles, Candice Dianna likes to keep her fans guessing and this month has gifted us with a swaggering RnB single aptly titled ‘Flow’. Based around a steady programmed drum loop and a chopped up piano sample, the track is brought to life with Candice’s unmistakable vocals and layered harmonies. A short and sweet one, the track is all over in less than three minutes and will have you searching her back catalogue for more of the same.

Skyway Return

After a lengthy hiatus Gold Coast’s pop punk legends Skyway are making a triumphant return to the pop-punk scene with their new single ‘Cut The Ties’. Released alongside the announcement of a forthcoming EP, the track picks up exactly where the band left off almost 10 years ago; with fast tempo, hard hitting, catchy punk music that makes you want to start a mosh in your living room. ‘Cut The Ties’ gives old fans exactly what they want and will no doubt inspire a new army of Skyway fanatics in the months to come.

It’s Business Time

Looking sharp in their brand new suits, Gold Coast band Business are have done us a good deal this month with the release of their debut single ‘Nice To Meet You’. Blending rich electric guitars with a clever mix of programmed and live drums the track has a raw, acoustic feel while maintaining a modern electronic edge. As the first cut from a forthcoming EP ‘Nice To Meet You’ is a promising start for the young Gold Coast trio.

Believe The Hype

After turning heads with their stunning self-titled debut single earlier this year, Love Level have lived up to the hype with the release of their exceptional follow-up ’Bad Bye’. Laying dormant for almost 12 months the track was given a new life after being resurrected and reworked by their good friend Callum MacDonald from fellow GC band Daste. ’Bad Bye’ kicks off with one of the catchiest hooks we’ve heard all year and never really lets up, resulting in an absolute ear worm that will be buzzing around in your head all day.

Joseph Vea’s Charming Debut

Joseph Vea has charmed the pants off us this month with his debut single ‘Half As Much’. His effortless take on RnB/Soul and vocal style reminiscent of Joe Dukie from Fat Freddy’s Drop come together to create an enlightening track that explores a journey of self acceptance and love. Released alongside a captivating lyric video that really brings home the songs sentiment, ‘Half As Much’ has instantly solidified Joseph Vea as one of the Gold Coast’s best new artists.

Eliza & The Delusionals Hit New Heights

After an especially challenging year including a US tour cut short due to COVID, Eliza & The Delusionals have regrouped and are hitting new heights with the release of ‘Sentimental’. Brining the same hypnotic nostalgia that saw them break the international market in 2019, the beautifully produced, well-written track somehow manages to sound pleasantly familiar while highly unique at the same time. Check out the excellent accompanying video for the full experience.

Bligh’s Stadium Sound

Gold Coast indie rock darlings Bligh have made a conscious change to their sound in the lead up to their forthcoming EP with their latest offering ‘Ride’. Describing the new direction as “stadium ready”, the track leads with an impressive, passion filled vocal performance supported by souring guitars and powerful drums. ‘Ride’ is a big step in the right direction if the band are looking at following in Sheppard’s footsteps to headline 2021’s AFL grand final. Out soon.

Saint Barae’s Pure Emotion

Saint Barae seems to have mastered the art of producing lush, 80’s inspired synth pop and has truly outdone himself here with his latest offering ‘Hollow’. A deeply personal track written about choosing forgiveness over revenge, ‘Hollow’ displays absolute maturity, effortlessly converting pure emotion into music. Easily one of the strongest singles to come out of the Gold Coast this month ’Hollow’ is the kind of track that just gets better with every listen.

Parker Sounds Teases Debut Record

Parker Sounds have given us yet another taste of their forthcoming album this month with the release of ‘Tightrope’. Written about the push and pull of a dysfunctional relationship, the track takes more of a mellow approach to their previous single ‘Discoface’. With clever production from band member and producer Josh Beattie, the track slowly builds around a Jack Johnson-esque acoustic guitar part transforming into a fully-fledged rock power ballad. More solid stuff here from the Gold Coast’s favourite working class band.

Amy Elise Hones Her Sound

It’s been fascinating to follow Amy Elise’s progression as an artist over the past year or so, evolving her sounds from acoustic folk to angsty teen rock she seems to have found her place somewhere in between on her debut seven track EP ‘Growing Pains’. Featuring the grit of previously released singles ‘Ctrl Alt Delete” and ‘Teenagism’ Elise smooth’s things out with some slickly produced moments on the EP with highlight tracks ‘Hiding’ and ‘Stick Poke’. An impressive debut from one of the Gold Coast’s most promising young artists.

Emph N Treats Will Get You Pumped

Gold Coast Hip hop veterans Emph N Treats will take you back to the glory days of 90’s hip-hop with their head banging new single ‘Rabbit Hole’. The two MC’s (Emphasize The MC and Treats) take turns in spitting full throttle thought provoking verses behind a retro backing beat and some impressive record scratching. Oozing with energy and without one dull moment ‘Rabbit Hole’ is sure to you pumped for whatever you’ve got to do with your day.

A Child At Heart

After several rescheduled release dates due to COVID-19, local country/pop songstress Anita Spring has followed up her powerful track from earlier this year ‘This Ain’t Pretty’ with a more light hearted approach. ‘Still A Child’ is based around an acoustic guitar part the that is brought to life with the classic country pop production bells and whistles including fiddle parts, slide guitars and a punchy backing beat. Written about staying young at heart the accompanying video captures what looks like a pretty fun night in a whisky bar and is definitely worth a watch.

TINY Recalls The Winning Formula

Another local artist coming off a long hiatus this month is local producer TINY with the release of her bass heavy, modern day club banger ‘On My Mind’. Collaborating with her old friend and Blank favourite Amela, TINY has certainly not forgotten the winning formula to writing an electronic pop gem. With glitchy percussive beats reminiscent of some of Flume’s mega hits ‘On My Mind’ marks an impressive return for TINY and we look forward to seeing what’s next.

Raw Deep’s Sonic Journey

Raw Deep are continuing their momentum with the release of their fourth single of 2020 ‘You’re Not For Me’. Opening with an epic two minute instrumental section featuring a guitar solo that wouldn’t seem out of place on the original Top Gun soundtrack, the single continues the 80’s vibes in the form of retro synths and shredding distorted guitars throughout. A well tailored mixed bag of influences that work together nicely to create a unique sounding five and a half minute sonic journey.

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