New Music: October 2020

How is it October already? As the days grow warmer and holidays loom for many, you could be forgiven for getting into a bit more of a chilled head space, keen to kick back and enjoy the sunshine with mates. And what better way to do that, than with some fresh bangers? Here is our pick of the newly released music from the region for October, curated by our own Zac Fahey.


Chutney’s High Energy Debut

Condiment rock pioneers Chutney have some tasty homemade goodness for your ears this month with the release of their self-titled debut EP. Recorded with the prolific Scotty French at Love Street Studios the four high-energy guitar rock tracks follow in the footsteps of popular britpop superstars The Arctic Monkeys and Catfish And The Bottelmen. Highlight tracks include the raucous energy of ‘Outcast’ and the souring vocal opener ‘Consolation Prize’.


Ladia Exceeds Expectations

After blowing us away with her 2019 single ‘Leave Me Stranded’, Ladia has exceeded expectations with her first release of the year ‘Happy For You’. Simplistic, squeaky-clean production sits behind Ladia’s soulful vocals, delivered with the kind of relaxed intimate confidence of Billie Eilish. Like any good pop song the chorus, with its interesting pitch-shifting call response parts, will be stuck in your head for days.


Mardi Wilson’s Playful Pop Beauty

Mardi Wilson has released yet another single from her forthcoming album this month with the playful pop beauty ’Nice Ones’. Recorded at Blind Boy Studios with local musical all-rounder Brad Hosking, the track blends a host of novelty percussion instruments and quirky sounds together with ambient laughter to create a carefree, happy-go-lucky vibe. Fans of Alex The Astronaut will love ’Nice Ones’ and so will anyone who needs an instant smile put on their face.


Pure Milk Waters Your Garden

Local quintet Pure Milk have been charming audiences with their to-the-point, guitar driven, lo-fi indie pop sound for the last three years and just seem to be getting better with every release. Their third EP ‘Garden Anxiety’ offers a mixed bag of emotion. It will put smile on your face while contemplating big social issues, then have you dancing around in your living room wondering when you last watered your peace lily. ‘Garden Anxiety’ sees Pure Milk really hone in on their sound and has rightfully elevated the band to the national stage.


Athena Joy Packs A Punch

Dark pop powerhouse Athena Joy has released her emotive second EP ‘Into The Wild’ this month and boy does it pack a punch. Channeling the effortless swagger of Lorde on the brooding opener ‘The Weekend’ the EP’s six tracks explore themes of empowerment and mental health while getting lost in imagination and escapism. Other highlight moments include the powerful chorus of ‘Just Like You’ and the haunting production on ’Sailin’. A quality start to finish EP from Athena Joy.


Arisa Is One To Watch

Arisa has made it to the top of our ‘Artists to Watch’ list this month with her impressive new track ‘Not Here’. Her stunning voice leads the way over a smooth pop/RnB backing recorded locally at the long standing Sunnyside Recording Studios. With her growing fan base of TikTok dance challenge enthusiasts helping to skyrocket her streams up past the hundreds of thousands, Arisa is another rising Gold Coast star in the making.


Malina Claire Paves Her Own Path

With influences ranging from Lana Del Ray to Queen, local songwriter Malina Claire has a lot to offer on new single ‘Window’. Beginning with a simple piano part and Malina’s tender vocals the track gently surges to life with the help of rich synths and layered harmonies, reaching its peak at the three and a half minute mark. Not following any typical song structure, ‘Window’ is a true artistic expression. Beautiful stuff. SINGLE OUT 9 OCTOBER – with video.


Veople Find The Winning Formula

Veople have knocked us out of our chairs once again with their new single ‘Empathy’. A relentless three minuets of disco-inspired, electro-rock madness led by some serious talent behind the drum kit, the track is said to be the first single from the duo’s forthcoming debut EP. Seamlessly combining the infectious energy of a live performance with the power of programmed electronic elements, Veople have certainly found a winning formula.


Amela Grabs Your Attention

Self-described as “a cute electronic pop track that is sure to grab your attention”, Amela’s latest single ‘DnM’ certainly delivers on its promise. Quirky electronic pop production sets the scene while Amela’s signature vocal takes the edge off with its honest vulnerability and heartfelt lyrics. Seemingly over before it really begins, you’ll be hitting play on ’DnM’ more than once for closer inspection.


The Ancient Bloods Stand Tall

First Nations-led music collective The Ancient Bloods have released their heavy hitting debut single ‘ANCSTR’ this month alongside a gripping accompanying video. Featuring local artist Loki Liddle on vocals alongside a host of other First Nations artists from the area, ‘ANCSTR’ is described as “a track that pays homage to the struggle of those that have gone before and the drawing of strength from their achievements as the new generation takes up the fight for rights.” An important message told extremely well.


Luke Pauley Follows His Passion

After being forced to stop playing cover gigs since March this year, local artist Luke Pauley has maintained a wonderfully positive attitude, seeing the pandemic as opportunity to take a breath and focus on his true passion – writing and recording original material. In the space of six months Luke Pauley now has an entire album ready for release with his first single ‘Come On Over’ showcasing excellent songwriting skills and an incredible vocal range that makes us glad he decided to finally follow his passion. Put 12 December in your diaries for the album launch at Currumbin Soundlounge.


Ella Fence Keeps Us Guessing

Over the past few years local alt-pop powerhouse Ella Fence has fascinated and challenged listeners at every turn, so much so that when she releases a new single no one really knows what to expect. This refreshingly creative approach takes full flight on her latest offering ‘Know Better’. Opening with a beautifully stripped-back verse featuring just piano and Ella’s vocals, the track launches into a triumphant, rhythm based chorus and never looks back. Reminiscent of Bon Iver’s approach on his ’22, A Million’ record ‘Know Better’ is twisted pop at its finest. OUT 16 October.


Tweed Heads Gangnam Style

PurpleZain certainly get top marks for creativity this month with their shiny new single ‘I Need U’ featuring JJ Speedball. Self-described as ’T-Pop’ PurpleZain are attempting to recreate the hysteria of Korea’s K-Pop genre with English lyrics written about their home ground – Tweed Heads (hence the ’T’, Tweed-Pop). The well-shot accompanying video follows a sliding doors type scenario in which the darker door ends in blood and flames. There is certainly a lot going on here but we think it’s worth the wild ride.


We All Drive Take The Wheel

We All Drive have something to say on their latest single ‘State Of Emergency’ and they’re screaming it at the top of their lungs. The track is a gloriously hard-hitting, politically-charged anthem focusing on corruption within our social hierarchy that the band believes is “denying everyone’s rights to a simple and better world”. Regardless of your political views, ‘State Of Emergency’ is a belter of a track and definitely worth a listen at full volume. SINGLE OUT 2 OCTOBER.


René Le Feuvre’s Second Hand Soul

René Le Feuvre has come a long way since his 2018 debut on The Voice with a string of successful releases and a recent sold out show Miami Marketta to boot. ’Second Hand Soul’ clearly channels the well polished, non-offensive sounds of artists like Passenger and is set to be another Spotify playlist-friendly success. With the chorus repeating “You’re just a young kid angry with the world”, the track clearly resonates with the uncertainty and anxiety felt worldwide, becoming yet another inspired piece of music in the wake of these challenging times.


TYDE rush in with Skin on Skin

Gold Coast-Brisbane indie folk trio TYDE have burst onto the scene with their debut single and video ‘Skin On Skin.’ One of the best tracks to cross our desks this year, ‘Skin on Skin’ flaunts generous, warm production that perfectly complements the rich, Florence-esque vocals of frontwoman Ella Belfanti – also a local solo artist – as she conveys the visceral story of seeking connection and feeling detached with an innate vulnerability. ‘Skin on Skin’ is a masterclass in contemporary alt-folk, beginning with just Ella’s vocals and her percussive style of guitar finger playing, and then building to a layered and emotive climax.

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