New Video premiere: All My Friends | Alt Fiction

As things start to gradually open up around the country most musicians still find themselves stuck at home, however much to our delight, we are still seeing Gold Coast artist developing diverse creative content in any way they can from isolation. Today we are happy to be premiering the latest ‘iso offering’ from local indie outfit Alt Fiction in the form of a split screen live performance of their excellent debut single ‘All My Friends’.

Will from the band also provides some great insight into the making of the video below and reflects on what Alt Fiction have in store for us for the rest of this year.

What inspired the making of this video? 

After we released ‘All My Friends’ we had a bunch of shows lined up that we rehearsed like mad for. Obviously Covid-19 meant they were all cancelled or postponed but we still really wanted to show what we could do in a live capacity. We were always going to do a live video, but it was going to be all-together and full band. Matt ended up isolating in a different house to Mitch and I so we had to rework the idea. So we all just played our parts acoustically and filmed with our iPhones.

Was it recorded all together live?

Mitch and I were in the same house but Matt filmed separately. I did my part with the vocals and acoustic guitar and then the other two played their parts on top of that. It’s something we would’ve never tried if it not for the situation but it turned out to be pretty effective.

What have been some of your favorite online iso performances from other bands or artists?

Pacific Avenue have been killing it with their covers. They’re doing 30 covers in 30 days which is seriously impressive – and every single one has been great.

What is one positive thing you can take from the recent time spent in isolation?

We got to spend a lot of time planning for our next release and writing new music. We’ve got a lot of cool stuff in the works that we can’t wait to share.

What are the bands plans for the rest of this year / post covid?

The rest of the year for us will hopefully see our first live shows and a couple of new singles. We’ve got high hopes that the world will be back to normal by the end of the year and we can all go see our favourite bands live again.

Keep an eye on the band’s socials for the announcement of a brand new single later this month.

Now press play on this beauty below and channel some of that live energy we’re all missing so much:

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