New Music premiere: Thee End Less | Back to the Canyon

Thee End Less make a triumphant return to the scene with ‘Back to the Canyon’, their first recorded track in almost four years. And we’ve got your first listen.

It’s been a long time between records for Gold Coast psychedelic does generic cialis work blues rockers Thee End Less.

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After arriving on the scene with their 2013 debut offering aptly titled ‘Arrives’, the band took a three year recording hiatus before releasing their self-titled album eight track album in December of 2016. Cue 2020, and for fans of this talented quartet, thee endless-seeming wait is over in the form of latest single ‘Back To The Canyon’, which has exactly the amount of laid-back swagger that the title suggests.

Thee End Less is comprised of local Gold Coast music industry legend Scotty French of Lovestreet Studios, who triple threats as drummer, mixer and producer, Jake Martin, Liam Butler and frontman, co-producer and primary songwriter Nige Maunder, whose tendency to let his ideas build up before spilling them out onto the page in one hardcore session goes some way to explaining the group’s sporadic, but quality, release schedule.

The classic sixties vibe that underpins most if not all of Thee End Less’ releases is most definitely present and accounted for throughout ‘Back to the Canyon’, from the opening synth riffs to the shades of sepia and transparent red-lit visage that dominate the behind-the-scenes style video. Nige Maunder’s crooning baritone brings to mind no one more so than Jim Morrison of The Doors, a legendary group cited as one of the band’s main influences.

‘Back to the Canyon’ is a sprawling, drawling western-vibed psych number, simple on the surface but possessed of manifold subtleties that coalesce with multiple replays. A welcome return to the kind of sixties sounds that are classics for a reason, ‘Back to the Canyon’ will make you want to grow your hair long, undo your top shirt buttons and kick back in a red velvet recliner, scotch on the rocks (or buzz of choice) in hand. And why not?

Hit up Thee End Less on their Facebook and Insta to let them know how much you dig their new track. Get your first look of ‘Back To The Canyon’ below.

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    Amazing work fellas. So damn good.