New Music Premiere: TYDE rushes in with ‘Skin on Skin’

Gold Coast-Brisbane indie folk trio TYDE have burst onto the scene with their debut single and video ‘Skin On Skin.’

One of the best tracks to have crossed our desks this year, ‘Skin on Skin’ flaunts generous, warm production that perfectly complements the rich, Florence-esque vocals of frontwoman Ella Belfanti – also a long time local solo artist – as she conveys the visceral story of seeking connection and feeling detached with an innate vulnerability. ‘Skin on Skin’ is a masterclass in contemporary alt-folk, beginning with just Ella’s vocals and her percussive style of guitar finger playing, and then building to a layered and emotive climax.

Ella tells us she wrote the song about the disconnect she felt during a one-night stand.

“During my third back-to-back winter amongst a very transient social set, I was feeling pretty lonely,” she recalls.

“After a few drinks on a big night out, I sought out connection in a way that usually wouldn’t be my style. ‘Skin On Skin’ is about how it didn’t make me feel the way I wanted it to.

“I’ve had quite a few people our age say they find it relatable,” she continues.

“This whole culture of just going out and having fun and making these kind of connections that don’t mean anything… I feel like there’s a lot of pressure to do that, but it’s not necessarily the right way for a lot of people, it can make you feel weird in your own body.

“I’m glad it’s resonating with some other young people.”

The degree of songcraft and musical maturity on display in this debut offering is even more interesting when held up against the band members’ ages: Ella at 21, drummer Josh Garnett 22, and bass play Zoe Belfanti the youngest at just 15 years old. I ask Ella if anyone ever remarks on this.

“We do get a few comments like that, about our song lyrics and the maturity of the sound and how crafted it is,” she admits.

“The story of Zoe joining is actually really interesting. We started off with another friend on bass but he had to leave the project because he was too busy. Zoe had just taught herself guitar in about a month, and I said ‘do you think you can learn bass to be a part of this project?’ And she did.

“She’s incredible. She started playing the bass in December of last year and was ready to go on tour with us in March. Maybe I’m a bit biased because she’s my sister, but I’d call her a bit of a prodigy.”

Hey, after listening to the track, no arguments here. As for the name TYDE, it’s almost self-explanatory.

“For me and all of us, the beach and the ocean has been a major part of our lives and I’ve always felt that being by the ocean helps me clear my head and brings me peace and serenity, and so for songwriting it’s been very important.”

‘Skin On Skin’ was recorded on the Gold Coast at Studio Circuit with Melbourne producer George Carpenter, who then mixed it at The Aviary back in Melbourne. It was mastered in LA by Brian Lucey, who has worked with artists including The Arctic Monkeys, The Black Keys, Green Day, and Chet Faker.

The music video was filmed and edited by Brisbane-based duo Dan Vilimaa and Oliver Marshall. Shot across two locations, the video features Brisbane’s West End and a rustic cottage in Tamborine.

TYDE are launching the single at Brisbane’s Can You Keep A Secret? tonight, and will be a doing a Gold Coast launch at BBQ Bazaar on 3 October. Follow TYDE on Facebook, Insta, and get your first look and listen to ‘Skin on Skin’ below:

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