NEW MUSIC: Riding Bikes by Locashen

Meet Locashen (pronounced “Location”), a 16-year old artist from the Gold Coast. Locashen has been performing from a young age with dreams to do it professionally, and now his first single and video ‘Riding Bikes’ is set to makes waves.

Co-written and produced by close friend Matt Gray, ‘Riding Bikes’ is inspired by 90s kids’ movies like ‘The Sandlot’ and ‘BIG’.

“Both of these, they have the same feel to them,” Locashen tells us, “and many scenes of kids riding bikes around, that cool childhood life hanging with friends with a romantic twist having a girl being the subject, young love, no destination only the presence of each other.”

Heavily influenced by Michael Jackson, Frank Ocean and Jaden Smith, Locashen attributes Joe Kay from Soulection for his knowledge and taste in music.

“I’ve been surrounded by music my whole life, having a dad who played the drums and a mother who had a true appreciation for music,” he says.

“Some of my earliest memories of being a kid always making drum beats on walls building microphones out of LEGO and singing into them. The great introduction I had to actually executing music was that I had a big circle around me of music lovers and amazing musicians.”

The themes in Locashen’s songwriting and production come truthfully from his local area of Mermaid on the Gold Coast. The feeling and vibe of the area, favourite coffee hangouts and beautiful weather are a major part of his music and memories there.

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