New Music Premiere: We All Drive shake things up with ‘State of Emergency’

Power-packed psych rock duo We All Drive are all set to drop a killer new single called ‘State of Emergency’, and we’ve got your first listen.

We All Drive – consisting of high school pals Joel Sims (bass and vocals) and Thomas Hayes (drums) –  have been consistently turning heads on the local music scene since 2018 with their amphetamised take on the two-piece garage rock format.

The lads certainly have something to say on their latest single ‘State Of Emergency’, and they’re screaming it at the top of their lungs.

The track is a gloriously hard-hitting, politically-charged anthem focusing on corruption within our social hierarchy that the band believes is “denying everyone’s rights to a simple and better world”.

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Joel says the track pretty much showed up as a riff he was quietly playing to himself at a jam session with some mates.

“I sort of pushed it towards a darker style of song writing and decided to write lyrics based off of the current events such as the global protests and the pandemic,” he explains.

“I started to aim it more at various power hungry leaders who fail to act during these times for people who are unable to act for themselves.” 

“After that, the rest of it fell together quite easily,” he continues.

“We started to add more layers on top of the song with vocals and phaser effects. Tom added in fills and drum patterns to suite the rhythm of the song and it was pretty much finished. A couple of hours in the studio to record and polish it and it was definitely worth it!”

Joel believes that ‘State of Emergency’ (that the guys call SOE) is definitely a step forward from what the band has been doing.

“We’ve been playing together either jamming or at gigs for more than a year and every show or release we do helps us evolve for what comes next for WAD. It’s also a step in the door for could come next for rock in general. Making a bigger sound with a bigger impact will keep the rock genre alive for as long as we need it to be. And rock will never die! Not on our watch.”

Joel has one final message for fans: “Stay safe, wash your hands, wear a mask, don’t listen to corrupt minds but uncorrupted hearts and have a nice day!”

Regardless of your political views, ‘State Of Emergency’ is a belter of a track and definitely worth a listen at full volume.

Grab your preview RIGHT HERE, and rock on, #goldcoast.

‘State of Emergency’ is officially out tomorrow, 2 October on digital platforms. The guys playing with Plastik Reality for a dual launch show at Vinnie’s Dive on Thursday 15 October with Chavez Cartel and Wet Matches. Follow We All Drive on Facebook, Insta, and Twitter for more updates.


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