NEW: Pixies | Indie Cindy

Pixies. When this band sporadically reforms and dissipates, no-one expects any new tracks, and so it came as a shock when an album was announced.

Indie Cindy is the collection of tracks the Pixies have released on three ten inch EPs over the past 18 months. Indie Cindy is huge.

Opening track What Goes Boom is awesome, complete with the Pixies’ iconic loud chorus, quiet verse makeup and comprised of an impressively solid and booming bass line that drives the whole song while scattered melodic guitar notes fill the verse.

Bagboy is unique in that it is distinctly indie, however slightly reminiscent of industrial music. In addition, the backing vocals around the three minute mark sound distinctly like original bassist Kim Deal’s vocals, but are actually from lead singer Frank Black’s friend Jeremy Dubs.

Over two decades have passed since the last Pixies album but Indie Cindy is an impressive release with each track standing well on its own steam.

Silver Snail starts in a fuzz-laden haze of Pixies chords while Black pushes the haze into your head with his echoed vocals. Blue Eyed Hexe is a great rock track that rounds out the album perfectly, and is my favourite track, originally released as the first track on EP2. This album was partially released for Record Store Day, with a secret 7″ single hidden inside with B-side Women of War.

Andro Queen hails from EP3 and sounds sonically similar to American rockers R.E.M.’s Reveal era with shimmering, phased guitar work. This album is a great release and hopefully Pixies will return to Australia following their five sell-out nights at Sydney’s Vivid Festival.

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