New Psychedelic Sweetness on Thee Gold Coast

Thee End Less is a new blues, roots and psychedelic band hitting the Gold Coast scene with an almighty bang. Frontman Nige Maunder’s music will make you feel like you’ve wandered back in time to the 60s, when bands like The Doors were breaking into the mainstream and life was all about peace and love.  Mella Lahina sat down with Nige to talk about his latest EP and thoughts on living on the Gold Coast.

What are your thoughts on the GC music scene?

I believe the music scene is growing constantly and very much alive, it’s exciting to see it keep building and to be a part of it. With more venues popping up and unique events that keep giving more opportunity than ever for local bands to have a platform to play.

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give an aspiring musician?

You really want it then just go for it, be prepared to put in the hours. Don’t be scared, just see what happens.

The most under-rated musician right now? 

I would say local Gold Coast band Taylor. Talented artist, epic songwriting by Dave Taylor and anybody who knows their music would know what I am talking about.

Also The Murlocs, those guys are bad ass mother fuckers. (ha ha ha)

What brought you to this career focus right now? 

I have been writing songs since I was about 13 and I guess it came about even more when I was in my early 20s and I just started putting a lot more energy into it, as it had become a part of me that helped me through my life experiences and it still does.

Tell me about your new self-titled EP Thee End Less?

The last two years I locked myself in a room and started writing and creating music.  Scotty French and I recorded the first track back in Jan 2015 with Matt Hall (keyboardist) and Jake Martin at Love Street Studios but then schedules and life happened… it came to fruition about two months ago.  I did all the writing and took seven songs to the studio and Scotty worked his magic on it.  I’m stoked with the sound, I’ve had this idea for a while and it’s finally come together. I’m releasing the whole EP as a digital release in December 2016. Maybe the next recording will be hard copies… maybe vinyl? 

Thee End Less EP is available via Bandcamp.

IMAGE (c) Lamp Photography

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