Nicky Convine launches ‘Boo Hoo’ on the Gold Coast + video for single ‘Maya’

Even though you may not have heard of Nicky Convine, she’s been around for quite some time. She’s previously won the Tamworth Songwriting Awards, been a finalist in the NCEIA Dolphin Awards and is about to launch her new album Boo Hoo. 

We caught up with Nicky to ask about her story.


Tell me the Nicky Convine story?

Ok well, I grew up on a property in the small town of Casino, my days went by so slowly out there so there wasn’t much else to do besides playing music and writing stories. The first song I ever wrote was about how bloody hot the summer was out there; I think I was 12. Many hours were spent sitting on top of the water tanks teaching myself the guitar, harmonica and banjo, not to mention the time spent listening to the greats like The Bee Gees, John Denver, Neil Young, Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell and many more.

A few years back, my journey unexpectedly took me to Canada, and this experience really shaped who I am not only as a person, but also as a singer/songwriter. Being away from my family and my comfort zone, I learned quickly that a guitar in my hand and a songbook in front of me was, in its own way, home. It was here I met my gorgeous husband Paul and decided to pack him up into my suitcase when it was finally time to come back to Australia. Being in Canada really opened my eyes to the big world and I came home a different person and with a bag full of stories.


You’ve got an album launch coming up tell me about the recording process?

The initial recording of the album began May last year, over three of the funniest and best days I’ve experienced as a musician so far. Paul, our good friend Dave Murray and myself squeezed into the bench seat of my van and headed up to “Organic Audio” in Brisbane to lay down some tracks with our patient and talented sound engineer Jason Millhouse. We didn’t set any expectations but as soon as we were all head phoned and beered up the magic happened. The boys smashed the bed tracks in a day and that was only the beginning.

A broken chair, a damaged light socket and a few minor injuries later we emerged a little bruised and a little dishevelled after spending our nights sleeping on the studio floor, but we stumbled out with 10 high energy, bluesy, soft folk rocking tunes!


Katie Who is playing your album launch, what other local artists do you rate at the moment? 

I work with some absolutely incredible local Gold Coast artists, who have generously donated their time to assist me with the launch of my album Boo Hoo.

These guys are the stonemasons of the trade. Paul Bennett, Dave Murray, Corey Pryer, Daniel Cox (Dewy), Jorden Holden and the lovely Katie Who, all of whom will be part of the 8 piece band that will be launching the album.

Some other local greats that I’ve had the privilege of jamming with include Troy Cox, Matty Rogers, Matthew Armitage, Matty Barker and Brett Gannon.


What are your thoughts on the GC music scene? 

The majority of my time is taken up with either playing gigs or rehearsing, so I don’t often get out to see other local music as much as I would like to, but the Gold Coast has an incredible music scene and there is always something going on.

Beaches on Kirra and Bread ‘N’ Butter are a couple of favourites – even “Grill’d” the hamburger joint has gotten on board to support the local song writers with live music on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

94.1FM, a Gold Coast radio station, is also playing original music from local artists on their station. Thanks to Stewy & Karen for believing in the local scene.

Watch the clip for Maya here and catch Nicky Convine when she launches her album tonight at Mandala Organic Arts Cafe.

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Nicky Convine launches Boo Hoo at Mermaid Beach live music venue and restaurant Mandala Organic Arts Cafe, Mermaid Beach on Wednesday 28 October from 7.30pm with CDs sold at the door and entry $10. She then heads to Casino RSM for a show on 30 October with support acts Katie Who and The Winter of Reason.


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