Why Nico Ghost’s KAISHI makes you proud to be a hip-hop fan in Australia again

Finally a talent has emerged from the brick work of our own backyard that is breathing some new life into the hip-hop scene. Drawing influence from a wide range of artists and genres; Nico Ghost has come through with a new EP swirling in wavy synth melodies that herald a new era in Aussie Hip-Hop where it hopefully won’t ever be referred to as ‘Aussie Hip-Hop’ again.

Ghost began making his first tracks here on the Coast but has since made the move down south and has been nurtured by the groovy grain of Melbourne.

“I’d been developing my skills and made a lot of my first tracks while on the Gold Coast, but I first released my music when I moved to Melbourne. I would definitely say I did majority of the work to get where I am today on the Gold Coast and Melbourne had the right avenues for me to share it,” says Nico.

To find out more about his new EP; KAISHI, and why this sound is so important in the Australian hip-hop scene right now I had a chat with Nico Ghost old school e-mail style – only because MSN Messenger isn’t around anymore. It’s a cruel cold world we live in today.

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How long have you been working on the KAISHI EP?

Kaishi was a collection of songs that we made about a year ago, and I think it’s a great introduction to what I’m about, but I’ve been developing my sound over that time and have a lot of new work I want to share.

What does KAISHI mean?

KAISHI is a Japanese word that can be translated as “to begin”, and that’s what this tape is, my beginning.

Which artists do you believe have influenced your style the most?

I’m influenced by a lot of different genres and that impacts on the sound of my music. Off the top of my head, Kid Cudi, Blood Orange, The Smiths, and The Weeknd.

What is the hip-hop scene like in Melbourne compared to the Gold Coast?

I wouldn’t say there’s a big hip hop scene in the Gold Coast at the moment, but there is a lot of dope music starting to come out of there. I feel with the rise of great talent coming from the Gold Coast, it’s bound to expand and craft a scene for itself now, for all genres too, not just hip hop.

How do you prepare for a gig?

Run through lyrics in my head. Pray. Drink water, get faded. Hopefully not getting locked on the hotel roof like we did last night.

Is performing live what its all about for you or are you more at home making some new stuff in the studio?

I’m all about both. There’s something about creating this art at home with my friends and then going out there and performing. They are equal, although with the live show, you’ll get things you won’t hear on the records.

What plans do you have after the KAISHI EP tour? Are you interested in performing overseas?

I’m focused on dropping quality music and continually improving my craft. I’ll be ecstatic when that eventually takes me overseas. There’s a lot of people I would love to work with from all around the world.

The KAISHI EP tour hits the Gold Coast on Thursday September 9th @ Elsewhere, make sure you’re there.


Written by Locke Fitzpatrick

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