Gold Coast Author launches guide to self love

Written by Australia’s youngest-ever former commissioner of Mental Health, Gold Coaster Nicole Gibson, ‘Love Out Loud (LOL) – A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment’ is an influential body of work published with the aim to help today’s youth develop a better sense of self-love and connection.

Launched on Valentine’s Day 2018, ‘Love Out Loud (LOL)’ is an insightfully raw ‘life-hack’ that blends narrative and coaching with millennial humour, to tackle essential components of self-love, healing and transformation.

Targeted to fellow millennials, the book explores issues based upon several years of qualitative data attainted from more than a quarter of a million Australians. The 25-year-old’s inspiration behind ‘Love Out Loud’ stemmed from her own battle with Anorexia Nervosa in her teens and Nicole’s extensive work within the mental health industry.

“By 2020 mental illness is set to become the world’s biggest health epidemic and a problem that can only be addressed via a massive cultural shift,” Nicole said.

“Our increasing rates of mental illness can be attributed to our isolation – realistically, humans are wired for connection and compassion, yet a running theme in my research is the strong feeling of disconnect in today’s competitive society.

A documentation of her own healing journey, Nicole said ‘Love Out Loud’ is a raw and confrontational body of work, which brings to light any stigma surrounding mental illness and tackles important issues, by focusing on the three steps of transformation that lead to self-love.

“The book and program have been created to simplify and teach love, help people reframe their perspective, let go of fear and judgement, ask self-reflective questions and develop the right connections,” she said.

“From belief to gratitude, each chapter of ‘Love Out Loud’ focuses on a crucial component in the transformation and healing process, and feature’s a mix of my own personal experience as well as stories from my clients – which is why the content is both raw and vulnerable.”

‘Love Out Loud (LOL) – A Millennial’s Guide to Enlightenment’ is available for purchase online at

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