Nightquarter Fashion Precinct: Always On The Run

We’d like to shine a spotlight on the humming Fashion Precinct at Nightquarter, by catching up with a few local Gold Coast fashion designers who exhibit their wares there. Today we look at Always On The Run.

Tell us about Always on the Run and the motivation behind your label:

Always on the Run has been in my head since ever I can remember. The idea of the name and at the same time the motto of this brand comes from my character and the life that I live. I skate, snowboard and travel the world. I want AOTR to become a platform for other artist so that we all can get out there together. Sharing similar passions for art, sport, music and traveling. I already had a few collabo shirts with amazing local artists : Scott McNally and Nelson Nokela.
With AOTR tees I want to send out a message:
Don’t waste time on watching tv and living other peoples lives. Follow your passions, no matter what you do, make music, photos, design, write, skate or snowboard… anything .Try to do what you love as often as you can. Try to be Always on the Run and live your life to the fullest.
If you’re not gonna try it it won’t happen. So make it happen and keep yourself busy. Be always on the run.

Who is behind the label and what is involved in the process of the designs?

First of all I wanted it to be AUTHENTIC and UNIQUE, so I learned how to screen print with a big help from a local screen printer Kenny from Toxic Industries. He would teach me how to do it in his after hours. I did know how to sew because I was brought up by two beautiful women – my Mum and my Grandma. So It all kind of came together. EACH and EVERY tee is hand printed or sewn by me here in Australia. I know others claim that their shirts are hand printed. Ok, maybe they are but mostly they are “hand” printed in factories by some people who have nothing to do with the brand. I print each one myself and put all my heart, passion and sweat into each one of them. I design, then I prepare the screens , then I print it. Afterwards I sew in all the labels myself. (It takes ages) But I love it! I won’t mention how much time it takes to sew a shirt.. haha

Who wears your label?

Anyone who is “Thirsty For Life” (that’s one of my #tags:) who skateboards, snowboards, surfs makes music or travels the world in the pursue of their dreams !

What are your most successful designs and why?

There is a lot of them but recently the extended tees with crazy fabrics are selling like crazy. All hand cut and sewn by me! From the printed collection it’s definitely “The Cross” tee. And last but not least are the hand made snapbacks that I make on the spot from the fabrics that people choose

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