NightQuarter turns one. 650 Gold Coast musicians say happy birthday

NightQuarter celebrates its first birthday this weekend and what a first year it has been for the Gold Coast’s biggest and newest purpose-built live music venue.

In that short twelve months, NightQuarter has evolved from an ambitious idea to an established entertainment destination for tourists and locals alike.

As well as throwing one hell of a first birthday party, they’ve also announce impressive statistics to mark the milestone.

More than 650 musicians and bands have been booked in the past 12 months – most of them local, original, independent artists.

NightQuarter has also hosted 20 ticketed shows for touring bands such as The Cat Empire, Sticky Fingers and SAFIA. More than 11,000 tickets have been sold with 32% of those tickets going to patrons who came from out of state. Every state of Australia is represented.

The venue gates have been opened more than 100 times and some 120 local food and retail businesses have found their home within NightQuarter’s container city.

When you see co-founder Michelle Christoe speak about NightQuarter you can tell why it’s been such a success. Michelle is a passionate fan of music (she’s a closet metalhead) as well as local food advocate and she says the space has always been about incubating that local talent.

“It is exciting to see the evolution over the past twelve months of the local music scene both in terms of the talent, and also in the increasing engagement of music fans,” Michelle said.

“When we first opened we found that people were here for the food, and now they are coming for the food and the music.”

NightQuarter distributes 1000 copies of our humble street press, Blank Gold Coast every month. The venue even purchased their own stands to hold the magazines and engaged their staff to hand the magazines out to patrons. For an independently published magazine like ours, that kind of support has a massive flow-on effect.

“It is great to see more and more people religiously picking up their copy of Blank magazine on the way out, and really becoming invested in our local musicians,” Michelle said.

“It’s great to see the local bands getting crowds of people after their shows wanting to buy their CDs and get photos with them… people who weren’t fans before but fell in love with them there that night.”

We could not be prouder to be a part of the Gold Coast music community,” Michelle said.

As well as stumping up cash to be a sponsor for the 2016 Gold Coast Music Awards, NightQuarter also took out venue of the year despite the fact they were only open for five short weeks in 2015.

Chloe Popa, co-founder of the Gold Coast Music Awards and Blank Gold Coast said it was a unanimous decision of the judging panel.

“It is impossible to overstate the impact that NightQuarter has had on the local music scene,” Chloe said. “As well as providing gigs for more than 650 musicians, NightQuarter has become a hub for live music, Gold Coast culture and artistic expression in the northern Gold Coast.”

“They committed to supporting our local independent street press before they even opened their doors and local musicians rave about their experience there. For some bands, it’s the first time playing on such a large festival stage and 2000 capacity venue.”

“They’ve also engaged hospitality trainees from two local high schools and had interior design students from TAFE design their new VIP space,” Chloe said.

NightQuarter hosts live entertainment across multiple stages every Friday and Saturday night.

This First birthday weekend includes live performances from Cheap Fakes, Electrik Lemonade, Vaudeville Smash, Josh Lovegrove, Energy Entertainments, Colt Seavers Band, Jacob Lee and Christian Patey.

And after you pay your three dollar entry fee to the markets, the music is absolutely free.

From all of us at Blank GC, happy birthday NightQuarter.



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Friday 25 and Saturday 26 November

Cheap Fakes, Electrik Lemonade, Vaudeville Smash, Josh Lovegrove, Energy Entertainments, Colt Seavers Band, Jacob Lee and Christian Patey


Saturday 3 December

GoldFM Live with Steve Kilbey, Ross Wilson, Rose Tattoo, Richard Clapton and more


Friday 9 December

LANKS & Hein Cooper


Saturday 31 December: Midnight Trip NYE festival with The Delta Riggs, Sahara Beck, The Vanns, Yes Sir Noceur, Aquila Young, Peach Fur, Lotus Ship, Keelan Mak


Friday 20 January

RUFUS, Lastlings, Roland Tings


Friday 3 February



Saturday 18 March

The Living End and The Bennies


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