Nimbin’s MardiGrass Gets A Green Light

MardiGrass is on and the Nimbin village is excited.

“Last year got cancelled and the Bluesfest knockout sent a shiver through us but with less than two weeks to go we’ve got a green light from the authorities and we’re fired up for MardiGrass now,” says President of the HEMP Embassy, host of the event, Michael Balderstone.

“We have a terrific line up of speakers and artists of all kinds. A lot of comedy and a lot of politicians which should balance each other out. The two newly elected Legalise Cannabis politicians from WA are a highlight and being able to welcome back David Heilpern for the first time since he quit the bench is exciting. He will MC a Q and A on Roadside Drug Testing, the main reason he derobed. And from the opposite side of the ledger, legendary healer and medicine maker Tony Bower from Mullaways is allowed back again also, which is great news.”

“The comedy line up is massive with three venues trying to make you laugh through the weekend and the HEMP Olympix crew raring to go after missing a year. The Laugh Mob are coming from Sydney again and Mandy Nolan is a treasured special guest for the Saturday night Comedy as well as on stage in the Hemposium discussing her election strategy as the new Richmond Greens candidate.”

HEMP farming is increasing in popularity and you can learn how to get a licence and grow your own at a MardiGrass workshop. You can also make your own native bee house out of hemp fibre while you are here. Or mould some new age one hundred percent plant weaponry at The Hemp Club. Extraordinary cutting edge technology!

There are so many hughlights…Dr Pot, Kog, The Ganja Faeries Burlesque performance, Medical Cannabis for Pets Australia, Disco Sista, the Ubuntu Church, Pot Poetry and Joint Rolling championships, Stoned Chess, Cannabis University, PlantMed, psychedelics the “new medicine”, the Kombi Konvoy, the Suppositorium (not to be missed), the HEMP Fashion Show, the Harvest Ball, Correct Weight where you have to guess an ounce to win a Gold Medal. And that’s just off the top of my head! All culminating in the Rally and Parade for Cannabis Law Reform on Sunday at 2.30pm.

“It feels like finally we are getting tired of injustice and inequality. The Planet is crying out for change. Blind greed is destroying the place and we seem unable to withdraw from the monopoly game which life has become for so many. Nimbin however, is hanging onto the dream of harmony between the tribes and the Earth. Enlightenment is never far away in reality and truth is needed more than ever. Fortunately the new generations don’t have to unravel the nonsense we were taught by our parents, like marijuana will make you crazy. Locoweed.”

“The war on cannabis keeps getting swept under the carpet with our leaders telling us medical cannabis is now legal. They don’t tell us it’s too expensive for anyone not on a decent wage. A highlight of the talks will be the debate over the “Pharmaceuticalisation of Cannabis”. MardiGrass is all about standing up to their bullying, ideally in a joyous weekend of peaceful protest.”

“It’s a time to celebrate because the beginning of the end to our persecution is getting close,” says Michael confidently. “The Hillsong Church cannot possibly hold so much power for much longer, surely?”

The still growing program is on and we expect everyone who knows how appalling the war on weed is to make an effort and come to Nimbin for at least one day over the weekend. Don’t let them get away with it!

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