Hesitation Marks | Nine Inch Nails

In their true five year hiatus fashion, Hesitation Marks is Nine Inch Nails’ first studio album release since 2009. With its renowned industrial sound, this album takes you on another meticulous journey blended with minimal techno in a more forbidding yet conservative way.

The album begins with its signature textured samples and sounds before reaching the first two singles Copy of A and Came Back Haunted. Both with a parallel lyrical significance, Copy of A is my favourite of the two with a foot-tapping beat and an almost hypnotic fermata intensifying over the top of it.

The latest single to be released from the album Everything is the most alien track with its pop guitars and verses, leaving fans scratching their heads. You only need to look at the Nine Inch Nails Facebook page to appreciate the fans’ contempt. Still, Reznor must’ve been having a good day when this track was written, and despite the urge to want to click your fingers with animation, it has its place on the album.

The tracks all feed on from each other and connect in a way that make you think you’ve heard the same track moments before. The most notably powerful song on the album is I Would For You. The melodic tones, mixed with heavy lyrics invoke emotion as the song builds to a climactic guitar cry, which is then rounded off perfectly by Reznor’s calming piano sounds.

Hesitation Marks would have to be Nine Inch Nails finest studio release since The Fragile. It takes you on a journey from start to end, closing with Black Noise blurting out a surprisingly peculiar and coltish saxophone solo, cleverly leaving one with curious hesitation marks.

⋆⋆⋆⋆ ½

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